Nick and Vanessa Lachey have been married for nearly seven years, but they still know how to make each other swoon 鈥 even if their more romantic moments have to be penciled in. Case in point? Valentine鈥檚 Day.

鈥淲e鈥檙e at the stage where we plan it,鈥 Vanessa tells Brit + Co. 鈥淗e wanted to do it on Valentine鈥檚 night, but I have Top Chef Jr. You have to make it work.鈥

While they didn鈥檛 divulge exactly what this year鈥檚 plans will entail, they did give us some insight as to just how romantic they can be, with each dishing on the sweetest thing the other has ever done for them.

鈥淗e totally wrote me a song 鈥 he put it on a CD,鈥 Vanessa shares, with Nick, 44, interjecting, 鈥淸I think it was called] 鈥楻escue Me.'鈥 (Awwww!)

By the end of that same year, the two were engaged to be married. And things only got dreamier from there. The lovebirds now have three children together 鈥 Camden, 5, Brooklyn, 3, and Phoenix, 1 鈥 which Nick says deepened his love for his wife.

鈥淭he sexiest thing she鈥檚 ever done for me is give me [three children],鈥 he shares. 鈥淸They鈥檙e] a constant reminder of the love you have.鈥

First family vacay of 2018 has me ready for s鈥檓ore!

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It鈥檚 a good reminder to have when things get crazy 鈥 and in a household with three young kids and two parents with thriving careers, things do get crazy. The night before they spoke with Brit + Co, the couple sat down to discuss their strategy for doing it all while still maintaining their sanity. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e only human. You feel massive guilt. You feel like you鈥檙e being pulled in a million different directions,鈥 Vanessa says.

Luckily, they have a foolproof way of handling their priorities 鈥 by putting their family first. 鈥淸The kids] always know that they are important in our lives and in our hearts 鈥 they鈥檙e the reason [we do it all],鈥 she shares. 鈥淲henever we make a decision to put our family first, we never regret it, we always love the result.鈥

The morning of our interview, for instance, daughter Brooklyn, who swaps classrooms on Mondays, found herself at school with no Valentines in hand for a school party. Mom and dad quickly came to the rescue, rearranging their hectic schedules to save the day by showing up with Valentines. 鈥淲e turned around on the freeway,鈥 Vanessa tells us, gushing, 鈥淭he look on her face鈥︹

Other days, as Nick puts it, they 鈥渄ivide and conquer. It鈥檚 about supporting each other,鈥 he says.

In fact, becoming part of a team was one of the biggest lessons Vanessa says she learned when becoming a parent. 鈥淚 went through my whole life looking for number one,鈥 she admits. 鈥淵ou look out for your partner, [but] once you have kids, it鈥檚 100 percent a team unit, being together [and] raising them.鈥

They also rely on a third party 鈥 Pampers (more specifically, the Baby Dry-diapers line) 鈥 to help rear their little ones. 鈥淸Phoenix slept] through the night and didn鈥檛 have any leaks,鈥 the actress tells us.

That means getting a full night鈥檚 sleep, and for the Lacheys, that鈥檚 a big, big deal. 鈥淪leeping is one of the most important [things] in infant development,鈥 Vanessa says, noting that when baby sleeps, brother, sister, and mommy and daddy sleep, too. 鈥淎nything we can do to ensure more harmony, we are all about it.鈥

And mom and dad, in particular, definitely need their ZZZs in order to work in tandem as they do. They try to schedule their projects in three-month chunks, so that one parent is always home with their brood. Nick just got back from a holiday tour with 98 Degrees 鈥 something he says may become an annual thing.

Now, it鈥檚 Vanessa鈥檚 turn, as she takes on a hosting gig for Top Chef Jr., which sees 12 culinary virtuosos between the ages of 9 and 14 duking it out in the kitchen for head judge Curtis Stone. 鈥淚 have begged [Nick] to stay home for at least three months,鈥 she jokes.

For the 37-year-old, the experience is one that has inspired her to breathe new life into her own culinary dishes, which she regularly shares on her blog. 鈥淭hey see the world through a very different lens,鈥 she explains of the kid chefs. 鈥淚t鈥檚 really pure and it鈥檚 fun.鈥

It also helps her relate to the palates of the duo鈥檚 own children. 鈥淥ur kids eat differently than we do, so I almost had to get re-inspired,鈥 she says.

Nick and Vanessa also rely on each other when working on projects together. Despite being technical competitors on聽Dancing With the Stars, they never approached it as if they were dancing adversaries. Rather, they became each other鈥檚 support systems after a hard day of work. 鈥淚t was nice to have someone who truly got it coming home,鈥 Nick says.

There is one thing he would like to clear up about that whole experience, however. 鈥淚鈥檓 a good dancer, dammit!鈥 he teases.

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