Inspired by a desire to build designs without generating waste, Dutch designers Volken de Vlas and Melle Koot challenged themselves to design a building block that would easily assemble and disassemble yet would be light, strong, durable, recyclable and produceable. After lots of sketching and brainstorming, they created Nockstone, a unique way to assemble anything you want without glue or nails. Now you don’t have to be a designer or an architect to design a trendy lamp, stool, bookshelf or entire partition for your apartment. It is essentially beautiful LEGO furniture for your home with endless possibilities — any guesses why we’re loving it ;)?!

100% recyclable, Nockstone is made out of the world’s first eco-friendly and high-temperature co-polyester. That material covers the basics of being non-toxic and is also high-clarity, super glossy and extremely strong. Basically, it’s the strapping, handsome World Cup player of the modular world.

Besides looking pretty rad, they totally rock it in the sustainable department. Imagine, if you have a building block that you can reuse endlessly. When you get sick of its current form, you can change it into something else, never producing waste!

Nockstone is super simple to use: You just connect a building block to another building block to another building block to anoth.. well, you get the idea. The little lookers are available in solid or translucent colors, are strong enough to carry weight and light up beautifully. They could go from footstool to pendant light to side table and back to lamp in one week if you want. Yup, as soon as you’re in the mood for something new, just dismantle and make a new creation.

Although still a Kickstarter project, the designers are hoping to have it in production by this fall and delivered to your home in time for Christmas. So if you’re feeling inspired by Nockstone’s environmentally friendly design, give them a boost and you could have this great little concept in your home or office before the year is over.

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