Is it just us, or does “ombre” sound like a dance? Regardless, this dance party is still movin’ and groovin’. The trend can transform a bar cart from boring to beautiful and protect you from the rain. Good thing, because our ombre locks have evolved to ever-changing hues, and we are still seriously contemplating a wedding gown in this trendy pattern. We’d be remiss in leaving out the trend on one of our favorite mediums — nails. Scroll on for 10 fun ways to nail an ombre mani.


1. Pink Gradient: Don’t have five shades of pink? Never fear! As long as you have a bottle of white nail polish and a bottle of any other color — pink, purple, orange, blue — you can ombre. Grab your bright pinks and oranges for summer, then trade them in for gem tones as autumn falls. (via Lulu’s Blog)


2. Gatsby Gold Glitter: Go for gold! This trend doesn’t need to be a perfect line-up on the Roy G. Biv spectrum. The black and gold glitter style is easy to do and perfect for fabulous parties. We see these beauties wrapped around some bubbly, no? (via Cosmopolitan)


3. Blue Jean Blue Ombre: Do you have a map? We’re getting lost in these shades of blue. Whether you’re digging your toes into the sand or picking apples, the blue-denim-blue mani looks good all year long. (via Julep)


4. Iced Glitter Ombre: Overwhelmed by the choices? Can’t commit, or just really bad at painting with your non-dominant hand? We understand. Try this easy design instead — it’s one you can totally do with your left hand! (via Pausa para Feminices)


5. Ombre French Mani: We told you that one bottle of white nail polish would be handy. This ombre French manicure calls for white and a pale pink. Sponge a bit of white gently on top of your pink nails for a romantic play on a classic. (via Lulu’s Blog)


6. Ombre Purple Stripes: This is a solid choice if you have three colors that aren’t super close in hue. Opt for a solid stripe of each and break up the polish with a thin pop of metallic. (via Nail That Accent)


7. Blue Shadow Ombre: Does anyone actually use the eyeshadow brushes that come with the case? Here is a great way to repurpose them instead of letting them float around at the bottom of your makeup bag. Dip into your chosen second color and dab away until you get the perfect fade for your hue. (via Aelida)


8. Metallic Pastel Ombre: There’s a lot happening here: metallic, pastel and ombre! This winning look is a simple and chic way for those of us who are nail art beginners to try the trend. (via Pshiiit)


9. Gradient Glitter Neutrals: If you don’t have a perfect gradient of colors in your nail arsenal, go for a look like this. Keep the colors in the same family and add some glitter. Voila! (via Layers of Happiness)


10. Pink Glitter Ombre: Our new motto is “just add glitter.” Can’t find your fave sparkly shade? Chances are you have a pretty glitter eyeshadow that you can dust over the tips with a makeup brush for an easy ombre. (via The Prepster Diaries)

Which ombre nail effect are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments!