Do we love chocolate? Yes, we do. Do we like cheese? You better believe it. Do we want them together as one food item? Um, dunno. Despite the fact that this idea combines two of our very fave things, we’re totally unsure about (and totally blown away by) the existence of chocolate cheese.

A (wondrous? monstrous?) creation by the fine folks over at Melbourne’s Curds & Whey, they describe their Choco 21 cheese as a “mild & delicate blue… ripened with Choco 21 Liqueur, rubbed with cocoa and decorated with chocolate chips.” That’s right, they use blue cheese, the smelliest cheese around (that people either love or hate), add in some chocolate infusions, and voila.

If you’re curious about this cheesy, chocolatey creation, you’re not alone. Just one week after announcing their Choco 21 cheese, it’s all sold out. But don’t despair, nibblers. More will be available in just a few weeks. Yum?

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(h/t Refinery29)