After a tough day at the office, an unexpected argument with a friend, the heartbreaking loss of a beloved family member, or simply too many hours spent watching the kind of national news stories that can make you question the state of goodness in our world, there is almost always a pick-me-up in order. For you, the answer may be a spontaneous date with your S.O. or a night home alone with your comfiest sweatpants, a face mask, and a reality TV marathon. Maybe you’ll treat yourself to an ice cream sundae or take the night off from your usual intense workout. Whatever you do to cope with the frustrations and heartbreaks of everyday life, you deserve it. But what if, in the midst of your healing routine, you come across a hidden message of encouragement from a stranger that helps turn your day around? The Kindness Rocks Project wants to facilitate surprising moments just like this, and thanks to its current partnership with Michaels for the One Million Kindness Rocks Challenge, its founder hopes that many, many people will experience them.

Megan Murphy founded The Kindness Rocks Project in 2014 as a personal hobby, launching it more officially on social media in February 2015. Followers of the movement are encouraged to paint rocks with inspirational messages and drop them for unsuspecting people to find. Murphy’s favorite quote to use on her own rocks — which also speaks to the mission behind her organization — comes from Gautama Buddha: “One moment can change a day, one day can change a life, and one life can change the world.”

Once a rock has been placed, Kindness Rocks followers can log their act of kindness on the geotagging locator map on the website. In addition to individual rocks, the map flags Inspiration Gardens — where groups of people work together to create a larger statement to encourage others to commit random acts of kindness — and allows people to connect with other do-gooders in their communities and worldwide.

This summer, The Kindness Rocks Project partnered with Michaels to communicate its mission in an even bigger way with the One Million Kindness Rocks Challenge. The goal is to inspire one million creative messages of love and encouragement between now and the end of the year. Murphy says the campaign is already well on its way to reaching that goal.

“We are actively asking people to join us because one message at just the right moment can change someone’s entire day, outlook, [or] life,” she says of the partnership. “When people reach out to one another through kind acts, the impact can be great.”

Through their retail site, Michaels is now offering customers tips on how to decorate their Kindness Rocks and asking them to share photos of their creations with the hashtag #MAKEKindnessRocks before leaving them for someone else to find.

“Together, we can create a bigger impact when we share kindness and spread unity within our communities,” Murphy says. “There’s no better time to spread that message!”

You can learn more about The Kindness Rocks Project — including the current progress toward one million rocks — on the movement’s website, or visit your local Michaels for artistic inspo!

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(Photo via Michaels)