When it comes to online dating, it seems like there’s an endless deluge of cheesy one-liners and hopeless romantics fighting for your attention. It can be hard to weed out all the frogs, especially when it feels like every other profile you look at is a “cat lover,” enjoys “hiking and reading books in cafes” and is supposedly “easy going.”

It turns out that each state has its own particular vocabulary when it comes to online dating, and Mashable had the good grace to share these insightful words with the rest of the world. Thanks to Match.com‘s resources and Mashable’s graphics team, we now know that New Yorkers love talking about “museums” while most of the Northwest (AKA Oregon, Washington and Idaho) enjoys discussing hiking and kayaking.

And while it may be a bit surprising to see how many states use the word “hunt” frequently enough in their dating profile to make it show up on this graph, we probably shouldn’t be shocked that in Texas, “oil” is what makes hearts flutter.

Check out the full interactive graph over at Mashable and then tell us what you think in the comments below!