Temps are rising, and it’s FINALLY warm enough to trade in those ClassPass membership studios (at least once a week) and ramp up your cardio outside. Unable to contain our excitement about being active in the great outdoors again, we poured over YouTube to find a week’s worth of vids that you can take outside with you. So lather on your homemade sunscreen and scroll on for our seven picks, which will make sure you get a major Vitamin D boost in addition to a crazy-good workout.


1. My Bread and Butter Workout: Trainer Brenda-Leigh Turner shares the four exercises that make up the core of all of her popular strength and conditioning vids. The best part? You can do them all outside while you soak up the sunshine! (via LeanSecrets)


2. Fat Burning Outdoor Workout Ideas: Though this workout emphasizes fat burning, we actually love it for its intensity and proven ability to make you sweat while you’re becoming stronger. Designed for the great outdoors, you can do it in your big backyard or fave park. (via YourTimeTraining)


3. Outdoor Park Workout for Strong Women: Whoever said you need a gym to get strong totally lied, and this quick vid proves it! Spend less than five minutes getting an effective workout with this smart set of squats, pushups and pull-ups, which target key muscle groups. (via Athleen-XX for Women)


4. Outdoor Bootcamp Workout: Ready, set, go! Charge full speed ahead with these five outdoor full-body workouts. The short stream will give you a major energy boost, while teaching you totally killer exercises. (via PopSugar Fitness)


5. Stair Workout for Women: It’s no surprise that stairs can provide an incredible workout — and now that the sun’s out in full force, you can finally trade in the dreaded StairMaster for the real deal. Stream this equipment-free video for super strong abs, calves and quads. (via Athleen-XX for Women)


6. 3 Easy Exercises for Home or Outdoors: This upbeat vid will have you moving in no time. Choose from three different exercises (eight minutes in total), or do ’em all. We also love Kristina’s philosophy on enjoying living an active lifestyle. Exercise doesn’t have to make you cringe! (via FullyRawKristina)


7. Outdoor Picnic Bench Workout: It doesn’t get much more simple or effective than these 10 exercises, all of which require nothing more than a park bench or picnic table. What’s not to love? (via fitfortwotv)

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