If you lived in the Mean Girls world, you’d only be allowed to wear a ponytail one day a week — but luckily, no such rule exists IRL. There’s no quicker or simpler way to get your hair off your neck (especially in the sweltering summertime), but sometimes the same hairstyle gets tired. Just in time for the season, Pinterest released the top five easy ponytail trends that will upgrade your ‘do into a head-turning new look.

1. Add a cord or shoelace. Say bye bye to the old hair tie! You can try gathering your tresses into a low pony at the nape of your neck, or even a high pony on the crown of your head à la Instagram superstar Camila Coelho, and fastening it with a funky colored cord. If you don’t have access to one, try using a clean shoelace.

2. Do the messy bobble. Adding just a few extra elastics to the ‘tail can really upgrade the overall style, as expertly demonstrated by Olivia Wilde. The trend these days is to not keep it too perfect, so feel free to pull some of those layers out and leave it just a tad messy.

3. Tie a scarf around it. Adding a scarf or bandana is another way to take the coif from zero to 100. Try a floral design for an elegant date night style and a bandana with a messy pony for beach day hair.

4. Try a double knotted pony. It’s actually as easy as it sounds. First, secure a low pony at the nape of your neck. Then, separate your strands into two sections, and knot it. Knot it again, and finally tie it up with another band at the bottom. If you need more instruction, take a few pointers from Halle Berry’s hairstylist.

5. Throw a cuff on it. A shiny cuff makes your coif red carpet ready in a snap. Of course, no ponytail roundup would be complete without Ariana Grande, and she expertly shows off how easy it is to dial up her signature look by simply adding something metallic.

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(Photo via Christian Vierig/WireImage, Anita Bugge/Getty, Randy Holmes/Getty, Michael Tran/FilmMagic)