Want to liven up your BBQ bash or garden party with some sweet tunes? Not a problem. You can either lug around your heavy MP3 dock with all its clunky wires, or you could use something better and more practical… portable speakers! These little guys are perfect for summer, when everyone’s outside and no one stays in one place. We’ve rounded up 12 of the raddest portable speakers out there, so you can keep the crowd entertained all summer long.

1. iHome Portable Boombox ($162): Remember that scene in Say Anything that you thought was the cutest thing ever? This is how the kids will be courting each other now.

2. iHome Color Changing Mini Speakers ($20): Not only are these adorable little guys rechargeable, but they periodically change colors too.

3. Mini Acorn Speaker ($30): At first glance, this acorn may seem like a simple keychain. But watch the reactions of your friends when you show them that it’s actually a speaker!

4. Philips Fidelity SoundRing ($300): This snazzy speaker comes with four high-def speaker drivers and a built-in bass sound pipe to make you feel like you’re attending a concert in your own backyard.

5. Trash Amps Mason Jar Speaker ($70): Mason jars are big in the DIY world, but it looks like they’ve made their way over to the tech world, too. Did we mention this speaker also doubles as a guitar amp?

6. JBL Pulse Portable Speakers ($200): Have your very own light show at home with these Bluetooth speakers. You can even customize the colors shown through the iPhone app!

7. Boom Swimmer Waterproof Speaker ($60): Don’t be fooled by the size — this speaker is loud and mighty. With great sound quality and splash-proof capabilities, it’d be the perfect addition to your next summer pool party.

8. Ultimate Ears BOOM Speaker ($200): This colorful speaker is as portable as it gets. Its convenient water bottle shape allows you to put it in a cup holder or conveniently grip it in your hand.

9. Giant Ear Bud Portable Speakers ($40): If one pair of ear buds can only be used by one person, then a giant pair can be used by a giant number of people, right? That science sounds about right to us.

10. Lexon Bamboo Crank Radio ($90): This retro radio doubles as a speaker for your MP3 player or smartphone. It’s sleek, lightweight and super adorable.

11. GOgroove Pal Bot Rechargeable Speaker ($20): For all of you out there with Android smartphones, this little guy’s got you covered.

12. iHome Mini Wireless Speakers ($40): These boxy speakers are simply gorgeous. With so many bright colors to choose from, we’re not sure how we could ever choose just one.

Which of these portable speakers will you be toting around this summer? Share with us in the comments below or on Facebook.