We’re all looking for certain qualities when it comes to choosing a partner — whether we’re drawn to brunettes or a guy who plays the guitar or someone who isn’t allergic to dogs. The search criteria for most dating apps these days do filter potential dates, but most do so in really broad strokes — that is, unless you’re looking for dating apps that are geared toward a niche subset, like Disney fanatics or bacon lovers. And while some are lucky in love with online dating, for the rest of us, the results are often less than stellar. After all, you’re doing it up all by your lonesome, so why settle? For all of us who have ever been told we’re too picky in love, just in time for Valentine’s Day, there’s finally a dating app that gets truly specific, so you can find that soulmate who checks alllll the boxes.


Precisely is a new dating app that contains over 200 filters across 25 categories to help you sift through all the prospects — and it gets really particular too, so picky daters, time to rejoice! You can filter for people who share your love language, Myers-Briggs type and even interesting physical characteristics like freckles or a big booty ;) It can even match you based on the political candidate you’re rooting for this election season. Plus, Precisely will track what you like down to a PERCENTAGE.

And while the stigma of online dating is pretty much a thing of the past, you still don’t necessarily want to accidentally come across one of your co-workers, or worse — your boss — when you’re searching for the love of your life. Precisely lets you hide your profile from your Facebook friends to avoid that debacle.

Also, to solve that problem with online dating where people don’t always present themselves accurately online, Precisely allows video profiles and video messages, so you’ll know exactly who to expect when you’re showing up to a date. Currently Precisely is still gathering candidates, so join now, and once they’ve got a wide enough database, they’ll be launching the app officially.

Check out the video for the app below.

Never settle, folks.

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