Move over, roses and lilies — everyone’s drooling over gorgeous ranunculus this year. The pretty blossoms make us swoon in any setting, but there’s something about their delicate, layered look that’s particularly stunning when used at weddings. Bunch dark-hued versions for a romantic centerpiece, or harness the softness of pastel buds for a classy boutonniere. Keep scrolling for eight clever ways to incorporate the sweet and petite gems into your nuptial decor.

1. Subtle Centerpieces: The ranunculus is super versatile, so it can fit in seamlessly with any flora or decor theme. Going for a tropical vibe? Snag bright pink blooms and palm leaves like this setup. How about a boho vibe? Mauve ranunculus it is! See the trend here? (via Brianna Wilbur Photography / Style Me Pretty)

2. Ranunculus and Anemone: Anemone is another fave hitting the wedding floral scene harrrd. Have it join forces with ranunculus for a whimsical bouquet. (via Marta Locklear / Style Me Pretty)

3. Pastel Boutonnieres: If the men are donning dark colors for your nuptials, pastel ranunculus will pop flawlessly on their lapels. A single blossom is the perf size for a boutonniere, so just add a sprig of greenery and wrap it with a touch of twine. (via Rebecca Yale Photography / Style Me Pretty)

4. Statement Decor: Bright, eye-catching ranunculus with sprawling silver dollar eucalyptus is a setup that’s sure to dazzle your guests. (via Justine Milton / Style Me Pretty)

5. Colorful Bouquets: There’s a lot to love about ranunculus, but what’s at the top of the list? It comes in just about every color under the sun! This means you don’t have to sacrifice your color palette to have the pretty blossoms in your bridal bouquet. (via Love by Serena / Green Wedding Shoes)

6. Ranunculus Hair Piece: Instead of doing an entire crown, use the petite blooms for a delicate hairpiece. Nestling the buds into a messy-pretty ‘do will basically crown you a boho princess. (via Laura Murray Photography / Mountainside Bride)

7. Ranunculus Cake Toppers: When you don’t want to go with a quote or figurines for your topper, drape ranunculus down the side of a naked or roughly frosted cake and you’ll be on your way to minimalist wedding perfection. (via Lani Elias Fine Art Photography / My Wedding)

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