Happy Friday, folks! It’s an especially rad day for us because RE:MAKE IS HERE! Today we’ll be learning all about tech, creativity and innovation from some of the best folks the industry has to offer. And while we’ll be on a total maker-induced high from now until who knows when, we couldn’t leave you without your weekly round-up of all the weird + awesome things that showed up on the web this week.

PS! If you want to come and meet a whole bunch of awesome makers and get crafty with FREE DIYS, come to Fort Mason in SF tomorrow (Saturday 9/12) to join us for the festival day of Re:Make (RSVP here)! Now, onto 11 things that made us look, laugh and raise our eyebrows this week.

1. Re:Make Countdown: Woot woot! Our third annual Re:Make Conference + Festival is happening now in SF! If you can’t come see it for yourself on Saturday, be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with everything Re:Make related.

2. Lolo Lids: Enjoying an ice cold beer at places like the beach or the park seems like a given, but in case you forgot, it’s actually not allowed. If you really want that brewski but don’t want a ticket we suggest you hide it inside this genius creation that makes it look like you’re just enjoying an inoccent cup of coffee.

3. Oh Joy x Freshly Picked Baby Mocs: Whether you actually have a baby to dress or not, theses shoes too adorable not to check out. Oh Joy partnered with baby shoe company, Freshly Picked to create some of the cutest baby shoes we’ve ever seen. We’re obsessed with this pair but you should also know that there is also a pair that looks like an ice-cream cone. BABY ICE CREAM MOCS, people!

4. Printable Cheeseburger Invites: Summer may be over but keep those epic BBQ parties going strong with these adorable cheeseburger shaped invites that you can print from home.

5. DIY Wax Seals: Bring back the beauty of snail mail not just with awesome handmade stationary, but also with a customized wax seal. Oh, if you also feel inclined to write your letter in calligraphy, we got you covered there too.

6. Shapes Cocktail Napkins ($30 for 4): They’re so pretty you won’t want to use them (but also, use them because that’s what they’re made for).

7. Easiest DIY Totes Ever: Looking to update a basic tote in an hour? Check out our tutorial on handstamping! Want to make this bag fo’ free?! Come to Re:Make and look for this project at Michael’s DIY station.

8. Justin and Jill’s Drunk History: Following the format of the beloved Funny or Die webseries (and now actual TV series), Justin and Jill had a little too much to drink and then talked about how they met. Spoiler: it’s just as hilarious as you’d expect.

9. Modern Day Fresh Prince Characters: If this isn’t a sign that ’90s fashion is back in a big way, we’re not sure what is. Hilary, Carlton and Will’s modern day makeover look a little bit different than what they rocked on the show, but not much. Ashley on the other hand, she is looking extra cool!

10. California Inspires Me: In this ongoing series for Google Play, actress Rashida Jones chats about how magical it was to grow up in LA in the ’70s.

11. The Re:Make Collection in the B+C Shop: Okayyy, so if you really can’t come to Re:Make this year, you can still get making this weekend and be there in spirit, right? Check out this curated collection from our shop that features some of our favorite classes and makers who will be joing us at this year’s event.

Happy weekend y’all!