As of late, Reese Witherspoon has rapidly become a reliable social media sharer. Whether she’s throwing out book titles left + right on Instagram, sharing her #twinning shots with her lookalike daughter or giving us immense wanderlust feels, the actress has brought it over the last few months. With the recent launch of her lifestyle brand, Draper James, it only makes sense Sofia Vergara’s gal pal is spreading her social media wings further by launching her very own Pinterest account. The time has come to follow, pin and buy everything from this Southern gal’s boards (who FYI isn’t alone in the celeb pinning dept).

Reese clearly isn’t playing around when it comes to her pinning game. With 15 boards focusing on everything from donuts to luncheons, and from coffee and toddler food, she’s clearly cool with spending a lot of time on the inspo-boosting social media network (us too, girl, us too). Since we loooooove Reese, and we know she loves us back (right, Reese?), we figured we’d toss a few DIYs her way to be considered for her boards. Check out some of the Reese Witherspoon Pinterest Board nominees below — then go make ’em all for yourself, y’all.

For Happy Independence Day, Y’all!

1. Taylor Swift’s Flag Cake: The Fourth of July is rapidly approaching (it’s Saturday, FYI!), so obviously you + Reese should get on it with some party desserts.

2. Star-Spangled Swimsuit: Everyone at your backyard BBQ will be seeing fireworks + stars on your pool-ready outfit after taking your basic suit to the next level.

3. Patriotic Photo Backdrop: What’s a party without props for photos, you ask? A lame one. Make your selfies memorable with this patriotic piece. Trust us, you’ll be guaranteed to get more likes.

For Draper James Collection

4. Totes Y’all Tote: We tote-ally love Draper James, but it’s a tad on the expensive side. Sorry, Reese. Recreate her adorable bag and no one will ever know you didn’t break the bank to get it.

For Flower Power

5. Bridesmaid Bouquet Wrap: Nothing like an adorable + multi-functional bouquet. Make this one and then arrange those buds perfectly (using a Blake hack) once you’re ready to soften your grip around those stems.

6. Flower Crown: See ya headband, this easy to DIY flower crown is going-to-be your new go to hair-cessory for every season + every festival.

For Donut Worry, Be Happy

7. Donut Piñata: Donuts + piñata = delicious fun.

8. Donut Sunglasses: Who needs Ray Bans when you can have Donut Eyes.

For Coffee With My Coffee

9. Copper Pipe Pour Over Coffee Maker: Why pay a ridic amount for a pour over machine when you can make it and spend less? Get to makin’ + brewin’!

10. Mint Mojito Iced Coffee Popsicles: Take your iced coffee to the extreme for the hot summer days with some poolside, caffeine-infused popsicle action.

For Leave on a Good Note

11. DIY Notebook: Don’t you dare buy a notebook at the office supply store when you can easily make a customizable + cute one in no time.

12. Marbled Notebook: Do we really need to say anything other than marbled notebooks?!

Are you following Reese on Pinterest (if not, why?!)? Which of her boards is your favorite? Share those thoughts with us in the comments. Also, follow us on Pinterest too, duh ;)

(Photos via @draperjamesgirl)