We love Instagram for so. many. reasons. But one of our top has to be the gorgeous interiors we spot on the reg. Our latest obsession? The trendy round jute rug that we’re seeing everywhere. Scroll on to see how our fave accounts are bringing the look home and then get inspired to do the same.

1. Natural Pairings: Pair an earthy rug with some other boho pieces in your home for a relaxed decor moment as soon as you and your guests walk in the door.

2. Plant Anchors: Your indoor garden needs a little comfort too! Highlight this lush area of your home with a natural fiber mat or two.

3. Under the Table: Round dining tables *always* look fab with a circular carpet underneath. But if you want to add a bit of a twist to this design standard, select a relaxed woven jute rug and pick out dining chairs that offer up linear angles for some geometric juxtaposition.

4. Knix the Traditional Bathmat: Smaller rectangular bathmats are great and all, but round rugs are an A+ choice for a bathroom that needs to cover a bit more space. Plus, these rugs are incredibly durable and can totally withstand a high-traffic room. (Photo via Gemmola and Hausfraus)

5. Traditional With a Twist: Take this classic pairing a step further and pick out a curvy rug with an outlined texture. The shape will also look right at home layered underneath another color scheme or silhouette.

6. Work the Angles: A sectional may appear to be screaming for a rectangular carpet, but a circular piece will work just as well to pull the look together. Plus, the beauty of jute is that the versatile material looks great with just about any color and fabric! Top it off with a square or rectangular table for maximum geometric play.

7. Entry Statement: Forget a doormat or a tired runner and opt for a durable ring-shaped rug instead. That way guests will have a little more space to kick off their shoes.

8. Bedside Texture: These earthy mats aren’t just for hardwood and concrete flooring — they offer up some fab contrast on carpets too! And who wouldn’t want to step onto a gorgeous patterned rug first thing in the morning?

9. Layering Love: We’re all about decor that can multi-task. This layered rug combo manages to pull off shape, pattern, *and* texture effortlessly.

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