Who needs minimalism when you can have eye-popping patterns, textured layers, and expertly curated #shelfies? Maximalism is all about displaying your treasures (think 鈥渉ealthy clutter鈥!) and seamlessly showcasing the unexpected. If you love collections of collections and your favorite color is *everything*, these gorgeous IG interiors will be right up your alley.

1. Place a Pattern or Three: Florals and stripes aren鈥檛 just a nice pair in your closet. Don鈥檛 forget to invite some houseplants to join the mix.

2. Refurbish and Elevate: We love a repurposed piece, and the fuchsia backing on this refurbished cocktail cabinet makes for a stunning piece. It鈥檚 big enough to stash all of the barware (and maybe another collection or two).

3. Let Style Mix and Mingle: Maximalism is all about combining design genres for a serious statement. Case in point: This gorgeous macrame hanging that works effortlessly with the traditional statue and modern floor lamp.

4. Collections of Collections: Maximalism 101: Any surface can be a gallery wall and/or place for an assortment of pieces. To get the look, opt for including jewel tones and metallic embellishments for impact.

5. Statement Seating: Why stick to clean lines and neutral tones when you can do *this* instead? That lip-shaped couch is simply divine.

6. Bold Botanical Embellishments: If maximalism had a checklist, floral decor and brass would be near the top. This lush pattern embodies the more-is-more attitude, while the repurposed saguaro lamp adds just the right over-the-top layer.

7. Mini Murals: Art shouldn鈥檛 be confined to the living room. This comfy breakfast nook has patterned pillows, giant plants, and a poppy mural to top it all off.

8. Sexy Shelves: Kitchen shelves aren鈥檛 just reserved for dinnerware. Take advantage of the storage in your space and show off some of your favorite trinkets instead.

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