With Halloween just days away, you know you are going to see hundreds of pirate and princess costumes flooding the streets in about two weeks. But it turns out, figuring out the most popular costume in your state is as easy as taking a peek at this infographic. Influenster surveyed over 40,000 people in all 50 states to find out which state is more likely to have Disney Princesses everything versus Cat Womans. It’s not surprising that Frozen’s Elsa and the Minions made the top 10, but it is pretty impressive to see some classics, like witches, pirates and flapper girls, holding strong in some states.

But you may be surprised by some of the most popular costumes in certain states. Idaho is all about the zombies, while the Minnesotans love mermaids (we’re thinking those mermaids may be sporting sweaters under their bikini tops) and Washington is all about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For the full list, see here and check out the infographic below from Influenster.


The survey found that 84% of the US population will be dressing up for Halloween, so if you think dressing up is lame or just for kids, then you might be feeling a little witchy, which means you probably live in Montana or Colorado. Now that you have this info, it should be easier to set yourself apart from the crowd!

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(Image via Influenster)