If there was ever an actress associated with a deep love for fashion, Sarah Jessica Parker would definitely be her. Sure, her infamous SATC character was all about fitting as many Manolo Blahniks into her closet as possible, but SJP has proven to be just as much of a fashionista as Carrie Bradshaw.

The 50-year-old has a super successful shoe line (SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker) and has been the face of every brand from Gap to the revived denim brand Jordache. So you can bet it came as a surprise to find that the actress doesn’t actually think your clothes are the most important part of your overall look.

Sarah Jessica Parker perfume

So, what does she say is key? A good perfume. In a recent interview with The Cut, SJP says, “It’s this really weird relationship because it’s [perfume] immediately communicating more than your clothes, which we think tell our story, right? But clothes don’t invade anybody else’s space.”

She goes on to explain, “It’s unique in that way. Your makeup doesn’t do that. Your bag doesn’t do that, your shoes, or your clothes, but fragrance completely lives in both worlds. When Lovely [SJP’s fragrance] came out, I would always describe her as a really polite fragrance, that she had social grace. It was as if she stepped into somebody else’s world but it was very passive so that people wouldn’t object to whatever she left behind.” Wow, that morning spritz suddenly seems very crucial.

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(Photo via Serge Benhamou/Getty)