Look hard enough, and you can find just about anything online these days 鈥 even things you鈥檙e not meant to find. Kylie Jenner was super PO-ed to hear that one of her lip kits had been leaked back in July, for instance, and KFC鈥檚 famous chicken recipe may have been let out of the bag in August. With more and more of us heading online to get our television fixes (we鈥檙e looking at you, The Handmaid鈥檚 Tale!), leaks have also become a concern for streaming networks such as Netflix. While the subscription service generally takes a lot of precautions to make sure its programming isn鈥檛 released early, nothing is foolproof.

Case in point being the leak of an entire season of one of its hit shows, Orange Is the New Black. Just a day after star Laverne Cox gave us her own teaser for the show, a hacker known as 鈥淭he Dark Overlord鈥 has reportedly released what are believed (though not confirmed) to be all 10 episodes of season five online early this morning.

According to The Associated Press, as early as yesterday, the 鈥淒ark Overlord鈥 was demanding a 鈥渕odest鈥 ransom in order to avoid having the new season of OITNB released almost five weeks ahead of schedule, with the AP suspecting a sum worth tens of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin or some other digital funds. Netflix apparently failed to comply, because early this morning, the hacker appears to have followed through with his threat.

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This doesn鈥檛 bode well for Netflix, who was hoping the new season would bring in up to three million new subscribers.

And the hacker鈥檚 reign of TV terror may not yet be finished: 聽A.V. Club says that he or she may also have stolen data from other networks like ABC and FOX, though they are not saying which shows may have been compromised or if they will release the stolen files.


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(h/t Teen Vogue; photo via Netflix)