Whether you and your partner both work from home or you鈥檙e constantly battling for space in one home office, creating a workspace that works for two can be a challenge. It isn鈥檛 all pretty coffee mugs and matching Macs 鈥 you both need a functional, comfy and inspiring space to get your work done. With a little planning and a bit of compromise, you can achieve just that. Check out these 22 tips to pulling off an enviable home office for two with style and grace.

1. Brighten Up: If you鈥檙e struggling to find a space to put those lamps, try hanging pendant lights above each work station instead. A little patterned wallpaper behind the desk doesn鈥檛 hurt the vibe either. (via Home Designing)

2. Ikea Hack: Hack a large Ikea desk or table by adding a chest of drawers underneath to create two workspaces and add more storage for things you both use. (via Nouvelle Daily)

3. Different Seating: Whether you鈥檙e creating a workspace for the kids to do homework or for you and your work partner, everyone feels special when they get their own unique seat. (via Mokkasin)

4. Opposite Directions: If staring at each other from across your desks is proving to be too distracting, put the them on opposite sides of the room. (via Studio McGee)

5. Zen Space: If you have enough space to dedicate to a home office, having a long desk against the wall offers enough room for everyone to have their own little area. (via Remodelista)

6. Opposite Sides: Chances are, if you鈥檙e both behind computer screens, it鈥檚 pretty easy to forget there鈥檚 another person working right across from you. Don鈥檛 worry, you can still play footsie under the table. (via Apartment Therapy)

7. One Desk: If you get to work from home with your partner on a daily basis, try to create a space 鈥 no matter how small 鈥 that is dedicated solely to work stuff. That way, it鈥檚 easier to call it quits at the end of the day and still have a life together. (via The Everygirl)

8. Small Spaces: Even the tiniest home can have a dedicated workspace. This couple put their monitors up on shelves to create a little more desk storage. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Personal Touches: The thing to remember about home offices is that it is still your home, so have fun decorating the space and hang your fave art pieces or photos. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

10. Elevated Desk: This husband-and-wife team chose to raise the desk. Having a higher work space encourages them to move around and chat instead of just slouching over their work all day. (via Country Living)

11. Family Office: A third desk in the home office is perfect for big projects or for when the kids want to come in and help. (via Be True)

12. Space to Communicate: Working with an open floor plan, this couple created two separate work spaces with a tall bookshelf that gives a sense of privacy, but also allows them to communicate when needed. (via Design*Sponge)

13. Sleek and Modern: When you鈥檙e short on space, go vertical. Despite the small desk, each person has plenty of room to keep work stuff organized in the cabinets and shelves overhead. (via Home Designing)

14. Clean Palette: When you鈥檙e sharing a desk, stick to a neutral color palette so it doesn鈥檛 look chaotic when you each decorate your half. (via Manmade DIY)

15. Sharing Drawers: Avoid doubling up on extra clutter by putting things you will each use, like office supplies, in drawers that are easily accessible to you both. (via Apartment Therapy)

16. Corner Office: Nobody puts Baby in the corner鈥 well, in this case, it鈥檚 more than okay. Create two workspaces in one by simply putting a large corner desk in an open area of your home. (via Design*Sponge)

17. Casual and Cozy: This freelancing couple didn鈥檛 have much room in their apartment for a home office, but they managed to create one desk that works for both of their creative jobs. (via Eva Black Design)

18. All White: Space definitely isn鈥檛 an issue in this luxurious home office. With bookshelves and drawers under the table, there is no excuse for not keeping that work area neat and tidy. (via Daily Dream Decor)

19. Color Pop: Here, yellow adds some zest to a black and white workspace. If you love the industrial look, just adding a single bit of color can really brighten up the whole space. (via Houzz)

20. Size Matters: Before you choose a desk for your home office, make a list of all the things you need it to hold. Include everything from important files and folders to your monitor, keyboard and mouse, and don鈥檛 forget your coffee cup. (via Apartment Therapy)

21. Scandinavian Inspiration: We wouldn鈥檛 mind sharing this light and bright workspace. (via Decorology)

22. Matching Desks: In a small room, having both desks match can create a sense of unity. Use different chairs and lamps if you don鈥檛 want it to be too matchy-matchy. (via Desire to Inspire)

Do you share a home office? How do you make room for his-and-her workspaces? Share your tips in the comments below!