For those of you out of the loop, Shark Week mania started this week. And unless you live every week like it’s Shark Week, now is the perfect time to rock your shark gear! If you are attending or throwing any shark-themed parties, we thought maybe you could use some chic shark accessories. Let’s take some time to honor the creature we have forgiven after once making us afraid to go back into the water by reeling some of this shark-y goodness into your home.

1. Sharky Tea Infuser ($13): This floating infuser makes a killer cup of tea. Fill it with loose tea and let the shark hover around in the hot water until the desired brew strength has been achieved. Using a red-colored tea, like rooibos, will make the effect especially gory.

2. DIY Gold Shark Tooth Necklace: Jazz up the traditional shark tooth necklace with some neon paint and a bit of gold leaf. The tooth is made out of clay so you can make it a big statement piece or go small and delicate. (via Brit + Co)

3. Shark Tooth Earring ($12): We love these elegant little studs and think we’d probably wear them even if it wasn’t Shark Week! Add a bit of edge to any outfit with some toothy earrings!

4. Cat Attack Bed ($110): Plan a sneak attack on your pet with this sharky pet bed! Just seeing your pet go in and out of this hilarious bed will have you laughing every time.

5. Shark Jaw Cuff ($300): This jaw-dropping (ha) cuff will most definitely make a huge statement! Live life dangerously with this gilded jaw biting down on your wrist.

6. Illustrated Shark Tee ($74): Take advantage of a relaxed silhouette with this comfy top covered in a ferocious shark pattern.

7. Shark Earbuds ($15): Blast the Jaws theme song with these bright blue earbuds! We think it’s super clever how the head and tail are on separate buds.

8. Shark Heel ($160): How fabulous are these heels? We love the unexpected fin accents! Pair these heels with a red dress for a stunning Shark Week party outfit.

9. Shark Ring ($110): This shark statement ring is sure to steal the show and a few looks. Wear it alone for maximum fashion impact or layer it with other pieces for a fun layered look.

10. Black Shark Tooth Necklace ($72): This necklace is guaranteed to add a bit of “bite” to your jewelry repertoire. Made with a real dark shark tooth dipped in 24k gold, this pendant is a new genre we’re calling “scary chic.”

11. Shark Toms ($85): Even Toms is getting in on the Shark Week fun! If you’re not going for the shark heels, try these super comfy slip-ons instead.

12. High Low Shark Muscle Tank ($13): This drapey muscle tank features a cutoff high-low hemline with a dynamic shark head graphic on the front.

13. Shark Tooth Wrap ($75): We love stacking our rings, and these double-toothed wrap-around rings are perfect for stacking or for wearing with other delicate pieces. The gold keeps these rings looking classy and still edgy.

14. Rose Gold Shark Tooth Ring ($460): This handcrafted midi ring is adjustable and wraps around the top of your finger. We love the intricate detail of this unique piece with the rose-cut diamond and a shark tooth-inspired spike.

15. Shark Tooth Leather Pouch ($810): The shark’s tooth charm on this black leather pouch gives a dark elegance, don’t you think? It’s beautifully sleek on the outside, but has lots of pockets and cardholders inside.

16. Sharky iPhone Case ($35): You didn’t think we’d leave your phone out of all the shark fun, did you? We don’t really know what is going on with this case, but it is hilarious and we love it.

17. Wooden Shark Ring ($20): Go a more vintage route with your shark accessories with this sleek wooden ring.

18. Take the Bait Ear Cuff ($18): This gold ear-cuff set features shark tooth detailing. Wear them with your hair tucked to one side and a bold lip color to make a real statement.

19. Baby Shark Tooth With Turquoise ($1,350): The turquoise stone on this delicate pendant makes us think of the blue waters of the ocean. This is a baby tooth, so it’s tiny and perfect for layering with other long necklaces…. not that you’ll be able to buy any other necklaces after dropping the $$$$ on this one.

20. Shark Jaw Sweater ($32): Get cozy with your favorite predator! This white sweater boasts a big black jaw for an unexpected graphic element.

21. Shark Week Ceramic Travel Mug ($20): This seems like a good motto to live by. Plus, we can never say no to a cute coffee mug.

22. Sunset Shark Case ($35): It’s impossible to be alarmed by this vintage looking shark… harmlessly waiting for an unsuspecting swimmer… duhn, duhn, duhn!

Are you a fellow shark lover? Will you be attending any cool Shark Week parties this week? Talk to us in the comments below!