Given how popular they are now, it seems like a fairy tale that once upon a time short ribs were a not-so-desirable cut of beef. Scrolling through these 25 recipes, though, it’s not hard to see why they became such a hot item in the butcher’s case, seemingly overnight. Whether you cook ’em slow for hours and hours or infuse them a tasty marinade and toss ’em on the grill for a quick sear, one thing’s for sure: their flavor and versatility is legendary!

1. Short Rib Pizza With Orange Gremolata: Zesty gremolata adds a lovely counterbalance to the rich short ribs topping this homemade pizza. (via Tasting Notes NYC)

2. Short Rib Ricotta Gnocchi: Enjoy these pillowy gnocchi enrobed in a rich meat sauce. (via The Hopeless Housewife)

3. Black Garlic Braised Short Rib Poutine: Canadian comfort food gets a touch of Asian influence with the addition of sweetly flavored black garlic. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

4. Short Rib Tacos With Orange BBQ Sauce and Spicy Orange Cucumber Salsa: A playful combo of flavors and textures are tucked inside corn tortillas to create these SoCal-inspired tacos. (via The Devil Wears Parsley)

5. Wine-braised Beef Short Ribs With Rosemary and Bacon Sweet Potatoes (Paleo): Port stands in for the usual red wine in this braise that’s just a touch sweeter than the rest. (via Better with Butter)

6. Spicy Porter Short Rib Chili: Upgrade your ground chuck to short ribs and you’ll have an even more indulgent bowlful of rich beer- and chipotle-boosted chili to warm up with. (via Running to the Kitchen)

7. Bibimbap: Crispy rice, Korean-style grilled short ribs (bulgogi) and an outrageous assortment of mix-ins combine to create one heck of a rice bowl. (via Wild Greens and Sardines)

8. Loaded Sweet Potato Irish Nachos With Beer Braised Short Ribs: Make these outside-the-box, topping-heavy nachos for your next game day get-together and you’ll totally be named MVP. (via Domesticate Me)

9. Beef Short Rib and Mushroom Mac and Cheese: Mac and cheese becomes meal-worthy with the addition of meat and mushrooms. (via The Little Kitchen)

10. Crockpot Curried Thai Short Rib Lettuce Wraps With Peanut Sauce + Mango Salsa: Whip out the ol’ weeknight wonder and cook up these amazing lettuce wraps tonight. (via Half Baked Harvest)

11. Short Ribs Loco Moco: Short ribs are an unquestionable upgrade for the usual hamburger patty in this classic Hawaiian dish. (via Kitchen Confidante)

12. Whiskey Braised Short Rib Flatbread: Fear not, the DIY dough for this tasty flatbread topped with short ribs, grilled corn, gruyere, caramelized onions and peppery arugula requires no yeast at all! (via How Sweet Eats)

13. Braised Chile-Spiced Short Ribs With Black Beans: Chile-rubbed ribs pair beautifully with black beans, which are a nice change of pace from the usual [side dish] suspects. (via Gourmet)

14. Beer Braised Chipotle Short Ribs With Jicama Slaw: Crunchy slaw provides a lovely textural counterpoint to tender short ribs in this delicious taco recipe. (via TasteFood)

15. Grilled Asian Short Rib Pizza: We’re loving this beefy twist on the usual BBQ chicken pizza. (via Joyful Healthy Eats)

16. Braised Short Ribs With Celery Root Puree: Wanna know these ribs’ secret ingredient? It’s cocoa powder! A quarter cupful lends an extra layer of can’t-quite-place-my-finger-on-it flavor. (via Saveur)

17. How to Grind Your Own Burger: The Fat Tyler: Equal parts short rib, sirloin and brisket are ground together to form a patty that’s greater than the sum of its parts. (via Shared Appetite)

18. Short Rib Pot Pie: This is one luxurious pot pie. A combo of shortening and butter give you a pastry crust that’s both flaky and flavorful. (via Bon Appétit)

19. 48-hour Sous Vide Short Ribs: Forty. Eight. Hours. Not a typo! Sous vide is the technique used to slooooowly simmer these ribs away to meltingly tender perfection. (via What Jew Wanna Eat)

20. Grilled Korean BBQ Short Rib Dogs with Sweet Peach Relish + Spicy Korean Slaw: Don’t be fooled by the name and the buns, these beauties aren’t hot dogs at all! (via Half Baked Harvest)

21. Guajillo Chili Braised Short Ribs: This recipe comes courtesy of Tacolicious, a favorite destination in the San Francisco Bay Area for tacos, cocktails, good times and more! Who wouldn’t want to recreate all that at home? (via Tasting Table)

22. Braised Short Ribs With Cheesy Grits: Creamy grits made with a duo of smoked cheeses stirred right in are a fantastic accompaniment to slow cooked short ribs. (via Brown Eyed Baker)

23. Smokey-Sweet BBQ Beef Short Ribs: Beginner pit masters take note, these are way more manageable to cook up than a full rack of ribs. (via Chow)

24. Salt House’s Poutine (Gluten-free): You have got to try this upscale take on classic poutine — topped with a hearty short rib gravy made from leftover braising liquid and meat, a creamy cheese sauce and fresh mozzarella, you won’t want to share a pile of these fries with anyone else! (via A Sage Amalgam)

25. Short Rib Shepherd’s Pie: We’re loving this one-pot meal topped with whipped mashed potatoes cooked ’til they’re nice and golden on top. (via Williams Sonoma)

Are short ribs on your short list of favorite beef cuts? How do you like to prepare them? Let’s talk all things simmered and seared in the comments!