The fiddle leaf fig has long reigned as the most Instagrammable indoor plant, but it looks like a new houseplant might be sneaking into the spotlight: the snake plant. While the fiddle leaf fig is fairly kind to newbie gardeners, its size can be off-putting for small-space dwellers. The snake plant, however, is an extremely hardy indoor plant (no green thumb required!), and it is tolerant of low light, drought and pests that often kill other house plants. Best of all, it naturally removes toxins such as formaldehyde from the air, acting as a pretty little air purifier. Read on to see how Instagram is proving the snake plant is the trendiest plant of the year.

1. Home Office Helper: If your space can’t handle a looming fiddle leaf fig, you’ll love the more restrained size of the snake plant. It’s available in a variety of leaf colors and sizes, so you can still get a statement plant without overwhelming your decor.

2. Bedside Buddy: Looking for something a little bigger than a succulent on your nightstand? A standard snake plant looks timeless and chic on any bedside table.

3. Dining Room Accent: For a simple bar cart refresh, add in a tall, shapely snake plant. It creates a fun and dynamic look, especially when clustered together with your glasses and decanters. The best part is that the leaves won’t droop into your glasses or clutter up your counter.

4. Modern Marvel: Depending on the size plant you want, the snake plant can be a real statement maker. When you want to take it to the next level, upgrade with a minimalistic DIY plant stand that’s sure to transform your space.

5. Rustic Collection: The snake plant is perfect for small spaces because the vertical leaves don’t take up much room. It looks stunning standing alone, but it also pairs well with your other succulents and cacti on a mantel or windowsill.

6. Long Life Plant: If you’re ready to take your #plantlady status to the next level, look no further than this wry tattoo commemorating the long life of the snake plant. Whether you dig monochromatic ink or you just want to pay homage to the cutest indoor plant ever, this tat is sure to win you over.

7. Gray and Gold: The snake plant looks fabulous both indoors and out. Make a statement on your porch or patio with a super tall plant, and play around with color-coordinating pots and benches for a modern, cohesive look.

8. Hanging Shelf: Pair up the snake plant with your other indoor greenery for a stylish #shelfie. The snake plant’s bold leaves are the perfect way to add some patterns to a hanging display or wall garden.

9. Pretty Lady: This face planter alone is reason to get a snake plant. Just look at how fabulous her hair looks! Also, eyelash game is on point.

10. Entryway Guardian: This chic plant makes a great choice for a small bathroom or entryway; the leaves can help cleanse the air around high-traffic areas. Plus, those striped, wide leaves will bring plenty of texture and style to a room.

11. Retro Shapes: While the snake plant looks good paired with other plants, there’s no denying it’s also stunning on its own. The dramatic leaves and vertical stems create a dynamic look for a living space or an awkward empty corner.

12. Outdoor Buddies: This little guy is ideal for both indoor and outdoor gardens. It’s easy to grow, and the tall leaves add a cool touch to a living vignette.

13. Midcentury Style: Elevate your favorite new plant with a leggy plant stand. It sounds simple, but the extra height boost will give the display a fresh and modern upgrade, and it’s just the thing to bring life to an unused space.

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14. Snakes and Shapes: Take your plant to new heights by lining them up on a hanging shelf. The narrow width won’t take up much space but will make a huge impact. Plus, you’ll get to admire all those pretty pots you painted.

15. Mini Plants: Got a little apartment balcony in need of some life? A couple pots of these bold plants will bring in some serious color. Alternatively, you could put a planter by the window for just the right amount of sun.

16. Lovely Mornings: Having an air-purifying plant in your home can be a lifesaver, especially for those with allergies. Keep this pretty plant by your bed and water it once in a while, and you’ll have a happy house plant that might just let you sleep a little easier.

17. Texture Inspo: Recreate this dreamy bedroom with a gold task lamp, a tall snake plant and a mud-cloth wall hanging. Though the materials are simple, they all come together to create one seriously chic display.

18. Step It Up: Upgrade your indoor garden with a mix of minimal and modern stands and a little table for the larger plants. The snake plant is perfect for apartments, and since it’s technically a succulent, it will look right at home with the rest of your terrariums and air plants.

19. Boho-Chic Vibes: Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb or a lot of natural light in your home, because these plants are tough to kill. Low to medium light, warm temperatures and minimal watering is all you need for a happy, healthy snake plant.

20. Nightstand Vignette: When it comes to crafting the perfect bedside table, it’s all about the perfect plant. A snake plant won’t take up too much room and leaves you plenty of space for your stacks of books, phone, alarm clock, water glass… you get the picture.

21. Gallery Wall Accent: While you’re planning your gallery wall layout, why not throw some nature into the mix? These green shoots are a great addition to the room, especially since the long vertical leaves direct the eye upward toward your beautiful prints.

22. Sofa Style: Even though it’s not as big as a palm tree or fiddle leaf fig, the snake plant is dramatic enough on its own. If you dig the modern geometric trend, the long spiky leaves will bring the right dose of color and texture to your living room.

23. Plays Well With Others: Curate the prettiest indoor garden ever with a mix of colors, textures and sizes. The green and white stripes of the snake plant will look stylish in any apartment or out on a patio combined with cacti, ferns and palm trees.

What are your feelings on the snake plant? If you’re looking for more indoor gardening ideas, follow us on Pinterest for more DIY and plant inspo.