One of life’s guiltiest pleasures is opening the fridge, grabbing the whipped cream and spraying it directly into your mouth. We would only dream of being able to spray something like, say, cake batter, into our mouths in the same fashion. Well, folks, now you can quite literally have your cake and spray it, too. Introducing Spray Cake.

In an effort to eat more cake, two Harvard students combined the convenience of aerosol cans with the labor-intensive process of baking a cake. The freshman students, lead by John McCallum, came up with the idea for their final group project in the class, The Science of Cooking. After years of perfecting (they’re now entering their junior year), they were able to brilliantly create delicious cakes in minutes. Using their invention, you just spray the batter from the aerosol can into a cake pan and bake in the oven or the microwave. If you’re using the latter, it takes 30 seconds to make a cupcake and one minute to bake a full cake. Last minute birthday treat, anyone?

After they perfected their invention, there was one person they needed to impress: baking extraordinaire (and Harvard alum) Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery. She had come to their class for a lecture a few months back, and her approval was crucial for the project to come full circle.

Once she gave the final verdict (two thumbs up!), John and his girlfriend, Brooke Nowakowski decided to take Spray Cake to market, starting with both a vanilla and a chocolate batter. Use both to make their favorite half and half “Zebra Cake”!

We don’t know about you guys, but we think the possibilities of this cake-in-a-can thing are seriously exciting. Keep a can in your fridge for last-minute cake baking or midnight cravings. It’s ideal for college students: Can you imagine having some Spray Cake in your mini fridge? No mixers or ovens are necessary for a fresh, warm cake in just a minute!

Would you use Spray Cake? Let us know your thoughts on this genius idea in the comments below — and share any other awesome inventions you’ve clicked across lately with us!

(h/t Boston Globe)