It looks like Starbucks — who, FYI, offer free refills to rewards members — wants to start the new year as deliciously as it ushered out the last year. If you wish you were still sipping on the Tuxedo Beverage Collection, then you’ll definitely want to try their new Cascara Latte.


Created with flavors from the fruit of the coffee cherry — yep, the coffee cherry — Starbucks informs us, “coffee begins its life inside a coffee cherry, two pale light green beans surrounded by a round, ripe red fruit.” And that’s where the new latté takes its inspiration from.

Cascara_Coffee Cherry

Starbucks’ Erin Marinan explains, “Cascara is Spanish for ‘husk,’ and we are taking the fruit of the coffee cherry to give our latte a subtle, lightly sweet flavor.” Mmm!

The Cascara Latte combines espresso with steamed milk and cascara syrup, which is topped with a velvety foam and a sprinkle of cascara topping (cascara extract and cane sugar) to add a signature straight line mirroring the inside of a coffee cherry or a coffee bean. So cool! So yummy!

Available across the US starting January 10, this could very well be your fave drink of the new year.

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(Photos via Starbucks)