One of the best things about traveling is discovering some of the best-hidden food gems native to different parts of the world. From Japan and South Korea’s ruby pink Kit Kats to the vegan burger being tested out in McDonald’s of Norway and Finland, you never know what you might find! Just in time for Chinese New Years, Starbucks has released three new flavors of tea that are only available in China, and we were lucky enough to try ’em out.

The lineup includes a Golden Walnut Cookie Latte, an Apricot White Chocolate Mocha, and, my fave, the Teavana Peach Blossom Green Tea Latte, all infused with Chinese symbolism of good luck and fortune — Peach blossoms, for instance, are very important in Chinese culture as they symbolize romance, prosperity, and growth.

The latter beverage, a blend of steamed milk and matcha powder with sweet pink peach-flavored sugar candies as a topping, also proved by far the most interesting of the drinks when it came to taste.

The green tea provided a creamy bitter flavor that was accented by a very light and refreshing sweet peach flavor, and the bits of crunchy peach candies on top added a lovely texture to each sip.

They’ll only be around through the end of March, however, so anyone seeking one out will need to book their flights soon!

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(Photos via Nicole Iizuka)