The regular old burrito is *snooze,* replaced by the trending wrapped food of the moment, the sushi burrito. Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon… including Starbucks! In an effort to prove they’re not just the home of the Unicorn Frappucino, the coffee giant is now selling the Instagram-worthy food, according to Delish, but there’s a catch. You can only find them at two locations in downtown Chicago.

The land of deep dish pizza and the best hot dogs in the world is now home to Starbucks’ latest lunch offering, the Chicken Maki Roll. Starbucks describes it as, “A classic California chicken burrito with a twist. The chicken maki roll is rolled in sushi rice and wrapped with nori. The roll is filled with slow cooked, shredded chicken, fire roasted tomatillo salsa, lime crema, fresh cucumber and pickled cabbage with onions, avocado and crispy onion.”

The two Starbucks locations (Chicagoans: the stores at Lasalle/Monroe and 35th/State) will also feature more new lunch items, including the Chimichurri Chicken and Manchego Cheese Sandwich and the Organic Chicken and Quinoa Soup.

No word yet on if the new items will make it to other Starbucks, but dear god, let’s hope they make it happen.

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(Photo via Starbucks)