What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? We’ve all heard that quote, but seriously, if you knew you were going to conquer whatever you set your mind to — whether it’s a new habit, that killer to-do list or a trip you’ve been dying to go on — wouldn’t you do it? According to Business Insider, there is one productivity tip to end all productivity tips. As humans, we always want to achieve more, and we love to succeed, but we’re inherently geared toward laziness and that extra episode of Netflix (have you seen what’s on this month??) often looks way more fun than practicing meditation or doing something creative. When it’s hard to get motivated, the folks over at Business Insider suggest using ACRIP, which is a handy little acronym that stands for “Awareness and Comparing of Results Improves Performance.”

Yes, our eyes glaze over too when we read acronyms and long titles, but hang in there — this motivational tool can really be used to improve any area of your life, from work projects to writing a novel and teaching yourself a new skill. This concept is based on the importance of measuring your results, no matter how small. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing — just start keeping track of every tiny improvement, every positive result. Keep all your notes in one spot like a snazzy little notebook. The little changes may not seem like much at the time, but at the end of the week, or the month or even the year, when you go back and look at where you’ve been, you’re going to feel a massive rush of satisfaction and the motivation to push yourself on to the next goal.

Too often we set goals, but we don’t measure the little successes. We wait for the big milestones and when those don’t come as fast as we think they should, we give up. But when we see positive feedback from our own results, it motivates us more than anything because we can see that we’re improving and we’re driven to try even harder, which only encourages us to achieve more. It’s the best possible version of a virtuous cycle. So grab a notebook (or DIY one), write down a goal and then start keeping track of every mini success. For best success, check in with yourself on a regular schedule and get ready to start seeing that new habit stick.

Have you tried tracking results to accomplish a goal? Tell us what you think of this new productivity tip in the comments below!