With hot temps and humidity, keeping your strands styled can be hard this time of year. Add a slew of sumptuous curls to the equation and you have the makings of a potential summertime hair disaster. Luckily, there are more than a few ways to style your coils that will keep you cool and your locks tame. Don鈥檛 believe us? Just take a look that these 13 ladies who have mastered curly hairstyles during a heat wave.

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1. Half-Up, Half-Down 鈥楧o: Yes, the half-up mini bun became the du jour effortless hairstyle, but a pony works just as well, especially when you鈥檙e in a rush. It gets the hair out of your face while still showing off your springy strands, just be sure to spritz on some shine spray to highlight every spiral.

2. Plaits to Ponytails:Ponytails don鈥檛 have to be boring. If you have the time (and the skills), spice things up by creating a set of cornrows, with a few feed-in braids, with the top half up to the crown for the pony and letting the rest of your lengths hang loose.

3. Braids and Buns: You could take a similar approach to a bun, but you don鈥檛 have to create a full head of braids to do it. Craft a couple of box braids along your hairline and pull the lengths into the updo, then clip on a couple of braiding beads for some bling.

4. Curls and Cuffs: No matter how long your locks are, a few twists will totally transform your tresses, like this look that mimics the appearance of a shaved side. Pop on a few braid cuff beads to score extra shine and help keep the twists in place.

5. Baby Bantu Knots: A few well-placed Bantu knots can offer an easy way to pull your hair back from your face. To keep the strands you want to style away from the rest of your curls, make a few drawstring braids to serve as the border between both and let them hang out for more movement.

6. Flip for Fulani: But if you can鈥檛 get enough braids, these Fulani ones are a fresh and effective alternative for keeping your forehead free of flyaways. Besides, who can say no to a beautiful array of beads for an added pop of color?

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7. Back to Basics: You can never go wrong with a classic. A pair of cornrows will certainly keep you cool for a few days as long as you鈥檙e sleeping on something silky to stop any frizzing while you snooze. And if you want an even lengthier look, feel free to feed in some extensions and braid them through the ends.

8. Under Wraps: Sure, this looks simple at first glance. But the cornrows here are concealed by crocheting extensions around it so it appears smooth and seamless. While you can leave your lengths loose after braiding to the nape of your neck, you can add extensions at the ends to pump up the volume.

9. One and Done: 鈥r you could simplify the look by keeping it to just one braid that begins at the crown and winds its way down.

10. Pin It to Win It: Sometimes, the simplest accessories can be the most striking whether you slick it up, braid it back, or sweep it to the side. Clustering a bunch of bright bobby pins to your style will instantly boost the look from basic to editorial without any effort.

11. Spaced Out: Buns are some of the easiest and most accessible styles to whip up in a pinch, regardless of your hair texture. And thanks to the return of this 鈥90s look, it鈥檚 become one of the most frequently spotted this season.

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12. Cute & Curly Faux-Hawk: Slicked on the sides and super curly from the front to the back? Sign us up! But instead of pulling everything back, brush your tresses toward your center part and secure for a versatile summer style you can rock anywhere.

13. Coming Up Roses: There are so many braided styles that look incredibly intricate and too hard to recreate, but this isn鈥檛 one of them. Simply create three braids, loosen the plaits to make the petals, and twist and pin them into place.

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