We’re back with another installment of T.GIF, our weekly (except when we’re all DIY-ing like crazy in Austin!) series dedicated to the art and absurdity of the animated GIF. This week we’ve got scenes from the Met Gala, pizza obsession and one more totally necessary ode to Friends. Enjoy!

1. Zony and Yony: These jumping girls on the Ellen DeGeneres show are guaranteed to make you smile.

2. Jay-Z Putting a Ring On It: What happens when Beyonce drops her ring on the Met Gala red carpet? Jay-Z puts a ring on it, obvs.

3. Animated Movie Posters: This series of animated movie posters is pretty spot on. I’ll take a Royale with Cheese.

4. Real Talk, Sleepless in Seattle Style: True dat.

5. Relics of Technology: These beautiful artworks by Jim Golden take us back to a simpler time in the world of tech.

6. Step Up 3D Water Dance: When is the last time you watched Step Up 3D? If your answer is never, book a conference room and make it happen… NOW.

7. Pizza Relationships: RiRi knows what’s up in the pizza department.

8. Call Your Girlfriend: Robyn’s summer tour dates have us wanting to dance our faces off to Body Talk all weekend long.

9. Bunny Blush: Now if this isn’t the cutest darn gif you’ve seen today well… share the cutest one with us in the comments below!

10. “Friends” Dancing: For our grande finale, dancing GIFS from the show Friends.

What’s the best GIF you’ve seen this week? Share it with us in the comments below and we just might feature it next week!