We’re sorry to remind you that summer is drawing to a close, but we promise we’d only do it for something super important. And with millions of Americans to compete with for this big tip, we know we’re doing you a favor when we tell you that it is definitely not too early to start booking your holiday flights. If you’re traveling for Thanksgiving, word on the street is book now to save the big bucks.

Last year, over 43 million Americans traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday. More than a million traveled by air, and almost 40% of them flew the Wednesday before. That’s a lot of competition, but don’t worry because your travel agents at Brit + Co have got you covered.

Check out this infographic — if you purchase your flight before Labor Day (that’s this weekend btw!), it looks like you can save almost $200, according to the travel site Hipmunk. After analyzing a ton of data from last year, the site found that the longer travelers wait to book, the more they spend.

They also recommend leaving on Monday and returning on a Friday to avoid the biggest crowds. The heaviest density of Thanksgiving travel occurs on Tuesday and Wednesday, and again on Saturday and Sunday.

So if your family time is flexible (and if you can handle a week with your mother-in-law), we say take a little vacation while you’re celebrating with turkey and pumpkin pie.

And if you need a hotel room, the prices are around $177 on average per night. So even if it means sleeping in your cousin’s old bed, it might be worth a few neck cricks to avoid that extra damage to your wallet.

Will you be taking this Thanksgiving travel advice? Do you purchase your tickets even earlier? Let us know below!