*Warning! This post contains serious spoilers, so if you haven鈥檛 watched this week鈥檚 episode of The Bachelor, STOP READING NOW.*

Nick sure is shaking things up this season, isn鈥檛 he? He鈥檚 sending women home at a moment鈥檚 notice (bye, Dominique!), skipping rose ceremonies in favor of pool parties and wearing maroon leather jackets instead of the usual black. While only time will tell if his unconventional ways are working, the last episode ended with 鈥渢he worst pool party, ever鈥 (according to Alexis), and everybody feeling mad at 鈥 guess who? 鈥 Corinne (who may or may not be engaged)! We last saw her straddling Nick in a bouncy house, so let鈥檚 talk about where she (and everyone else) stand after the latest episode of our fave alternative facts version of a romance show.


Last night鈥檚 episode picked up where we left off, with Vanessa telling Nick that she wasn鈥檛 stoked about him making out with Corinne during the pool party. Then, some of the other girls confronted Corinne about her bouncy house activities (while she was 鈥 what else!? 鈥 taking a nap), which somehow led to her denying that she had any privilege (GIRL). TBH, we鈥檙e a little worried about how many naps she needs to take, as well as how much focus is on her.

The ladies then quickly transitioned from swimwear to nightwear, and the rose ceremony commenced. Half of the women cried about not having gotten enough time with Nick thus far (valid), while the other half spent their time talking about how they *really* didn鈥檛 want Corinne to get a rose. It happens every season 鈥 one woman gets so much time that the women with less traditionally 鈥渂ig鈥 personalities get left behind. Poor introverts, we just aren鈥檛 made for reality TV!


Once again proving that Nick is #NotAllBachelors, he decided to take the women back to his home base super early on in the season, an event usually reserved for the final two or three鈥 not the final, er, 15. Chris Harrison told the women to pack their things for international travel before announcing that they鈥檇 be flying to Nick鈥檚 hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nick met up with his (understandably worried) parents, who just want him to find someone, or, at the very least, stop trying to do it on reality TV. He then met back up with the group before taking Danielle L. on a one-on-one date. She seemed pretty nervous, which was understandable, because as she explained, 鈥淭here鈥檚 a rose on the line, and if I don鈥檛 get it, I鈥檓 going home.鈥

They made out in a bakery before running into Nick鈥檚 ex at a deli. FUN! The ex, heretofore referred to as Amber, JOINED THE DATE, which visibly threw Danielle. Amber then coined the term 鈥渉eartdriven,鈥 which I will now be using in all of my recaps. (Thanks, Amber!)

Danielle opened up about how her parents鈥 divorce affected her, saying that consequently, she wanted to take things slow and be really sure before marrying (which kinddddd of makes her an odd candidate for The Bachelor, no?), and Nick ended up giving her the rose, followed by a slow dance at a concert from a singer/band I鈥檓 too lazy to look up. *Shrugs* Meanwhile, the other women got a card for a group date.


The girls showed up to a beautiful farm where Nick told them with a twinkle in his eye that he wanted to 鈥渟ee the women do dirtier things,鈥 (ugh!) sooooo this should be fun. They milked cows, shoveled poop (ew). Of course, Corinne got a ton more screen time, complaining about the 鈥渇arm chores鈥 and asking for sushi, leading the other women to spend their interviews talking about her.

For the nighttime part of the date, they sat in one of the nondescript cocktail rooms with couches, trunks-as-coffee tables and multitudes of throw pillows while Nick ventured into some side rooms to talk to the women one on one. Unfortunately, Corinne was in one of the side rooms and overheard the women talking about her, after which she decided to compare herself to corn (don鈥檛 ask). Meanwhile, Vanessa continued to distinguish herself as a frontrunner by gifting Nick with a scrapbook from her students (and an adorable snort laugh).

Corinne eventually decided to confront the women, who told her they took issue with her age and her napping through the rose ceremony, rather than the plethora of OTHER issues they could鈥檝e brought up 鈥 whatever, ladies! Rachel and Nick then got some alone time. (Full disclosure: She鈥檚 still my absolute favorite, which means I鈥檓 still standing by my initial desire for her to *almost* win 鈥 I want her to make it almost to the end, and then become the next Bachelorette). When Nick and Corinne finally had their turn to chat, she told him the 鈥渁lternative facts鈥 version of the night鈥檚 events. Then, the prickly situation of the rose came, and Nick gave it to Kristina.


Raven nabbed the second one-on-one date and got to explore Nick鈥檚 hometown with him. These 鈥渞ealistic day鈥 dates are always less exciting in the typical reality TV way, but they鈥檙e honestly the best to watch 鈥 they give more of a real sense of what the contestants (that鈥檚 what they are, let鈥檚 be honest) are actually like IRL, and what their relationship would actually be like if they were to, ya know, date. They met Nick鈥檚 little sister for soccer practice, which is probably the earliest a contestant has ever met a family member. After kicking the ball around a bit, they met his PARENTS and my jaw literally dropped 鈥 is this a sign Nick is considering Raven more seriously than the other women, or is he just doing things really differently?

After the game they took Nick鈥檚 sister (Bella) to a skating rink, and Raven was awesome with her. It was honestly a really cute date! Plus, they skated to Sixpence None the Richer鈥檚 鈥淜iss Me,鈥 which is a classic skating song. At dinner (during which they don鈥檛 eat), Raven revealed that she鈥檇 been cheated on before and gave all the gruesome deets of the sitch (some of which were pretty鈥 intense). Nick has been cheated on too, and they connected on rebuilding after feeling ashamed and undervalued. She inevitably got the rose, and Nick seems to be really into her.


Danielle L. 鈥渟tole鈥 Nick immediately at the beginning of the rose ceremony, which set things off on a bad note, considering that she already HAD a rose and is guaranteed a spot for the next week. (That鈥檚 a huge Bachelor faux pas, for those not in the know.) Taylor followed quickly to interrupt, during which Josephine and Corinne enjoyed the hors d鈥檕euvres until Corinne grew tired of waiting, saying she was going to go 鈥渞ip Taylor a new one.鈥

The two went around in circles, insulting each other鈥檚 intelligence on multiple levels (and after multiple glasses of wine, likely), before Corinne said that she 鈥渙wns a multi-million dollar company鈥 and Taylor said that Corinne 鈥渋sn鈥檛 emotionally intelligent.鈥 Then, we were given the black 鈥淭O BE CONTINUED鈥︹ screen again, because apparently we can鈥檛 get one normal week with dates and a rose ceremony at the end.

And that鈥檚 about it! Next week, we鈥檒l apparently see the end of either Taylor or Corinne鈥檚 鈥渏ourney鈥 with Nick 鈥 personally, I鈥檓 betting Taylor will go, both because Corinne makes for better TV and also because Taylor and Nick just haven鈥檛 had as much time together yet. We鈥檒l see鈥 keep watching and reading to see where this group will end up!

ABC's "The Bachelor" - Season 21

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