We have to admit, we’re in full vacation mode here at Brit HQ. From all sorts of clever camping gadgets to beachy bleached t-shirts, we can’t wait to spend a weekend soaking up some sunshine. But, before we hit the road, it’s time to serve up a bit of pre-weekend silliness for all of you. Happy BritList day!

1. Cronuts: We have yet to try one, but New York seems to being nuts for cronuts! A cronut is a croissant donut hybrid, filled with flaky layered goodness and topped with sugar-filled frosting. Yum.

2. Vino2Go Wine Tumbler: Need a glass of wine to-go? And don’t want to subject your favorite water bottle to a water bottle’s version of red wine teeth?

3. Daft Punk Helmet: Complete with a customizable LED message scroller that is programmed via USB, this $500 helmet is a must for folks who want to Get Lucky… or who just love Daft Punk.

4. Butter Grater: Okay, this is definitely getting added to our list of weirdest kitchen gadgets. It grates your butter so you don’t have to struggle with butter straight out of the fridge. It’s a struggle we all know… right? The weirdest thing about this? The amount of butter people are putting on their toast in this picture!

5. Knitting Basket Cake: Now those are some serious fondant skills! Baking meets knitting, in a pretty adorable way.

6. Love Hurts: Did you go through a recent breakup? Arm yourself with the ultimate cure for heartbreak: the Love Hurts kit. The kit includes vodka, an awesome breakup mix, chocolate, tissues, pain killers (in the form of conversation hearts that say things like “Love Hurts”), bubble bath, matches, and a candle.

7. Mac G5 Grill: Now this is a hack we can get behind. This clever hacker turned an old G5 into a grill!

8. The Bacon Weave Taco: Um, weaving bacon? Wow. Maybe a full-on bacon quilt is next?

9. Inflatable 30-Person Living Room: Need a gigantic living room in a pinch? This inflating living room concept is pretty amazing, though you probably want to leave your studded clutch at home.

10. Typography Cake: Another cake! This time, a top secret celebratory message is contained inside. Yay!

11. The Black Tux: Best described as Rent the Runway for dudes, this company lets you rent a tux for $95! Once you get measured, input your measurements into the website, pick an entire outfit or build one from individual elements, choose the date of your event, and your tux will arrive one week before it. Drop in the mail when you’re done!

12. Pull-Out Dining: Last, a piece of convertible furniture that will make small space dwellers swoon. It’s a kitchen cabinet with a sneaky table and chairs built right in. So cool!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen online this week? Share it with us in the comments below.