Yo! This week saw us getting figgy with it (how can we resist making that pun?!), busting out our oxfords, and even swooning over nursery designs. In the mix, we did make time to lose ourselves on the Internet—here’s what we found.

1. Inflatable Fast Food: Earlier this summer we were on the hunt for the kookiest floats, and somehow we missed this extremely random collection of inflatable fast food. The hot dog is definitely the weirdest.

2. 3D Ship Drawn on 3 Pieces of Paper: Sometimes we see pieces of artwork and just have to take a moment to appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating something. Case in point, this gorgeously illustrated 3D ship drawn across 3 pieces of paper.

3. Smart LED Gym Floors: What if you were watching a tennis match and could actually pinpoint where the tennis ball bounced via an LED light in the floor? Or whether someone was offsides based on an LED footprint on the floor? We’re interested to see where these concept floors go—could prove very interesting for referees and those really tough calls.

4. Four Video Games on One Cake: Nerdiness and dessert? Count us in! This custom cake features four classic video games on one cake. We’re obsessing over the Pacman and Tetris sides.

5. Shadow Dancing: For our second art installment, we turn to sculptor Diet Wiegman. He creates obscure looking sculptures with found materials that turn into totally recognizable shadows when light is cast correctly. MJ forever!

6. Hanging Beds: Wait, we had no idea hanging beds were a topic worth rounding up. But apparently, this is a big thing! We dig the look of this bunk-style bed but would feel really nervous about actually sleeping on it.

7. Marshmallow Sofa: How cozy does this marshmallow-inspired sofa look? Would you use this in your home?

8. R2D2 Heels: If you wore these to Comic-Con, you’d be an instant sensation. What you can’t see is that the heels are actually made of little R2D2 action figures. So cool!

9. Titanium Utility Ring: A bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade, saw, and comb in one? Dudes would totally rock this ring.

10. High Heel Shoe Covers: Yep, these are a thing. It’s like a rain jacket for your heels! We have a hard time imagining keeping these in our purse, but they’re definitely a cool invention.

11. Topsy: Now you can read every.single.tweet.ever.tweeted. Hashtag amazing.

12. Magic Pencil Earphones: An office-supply-themed take on the classic arrow through the head gag? We love it.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Share links with us in the form below.