When Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life arrived on Netflix in the fall, we immediately hibernated and binge-watched it, trying to beat聽spoilers to the punch. We were left with a lot of feelings to process once it was over: Was Rory actually kinda the worst all along? Who exactly is the father of Rory鈥檚 baby?! And was that really it, or would more Gilmore Girls ensue?

Admittedly, we鈥檝e maybe been reading way too much into some of the clues being dropped by the show鈥檚 cast and creators, hoping that one of them will tell us what we want to hear. But all this time, we鈥檝e been overlooking the biggest clue of all, which is something that Lauren Graham said in her book.

Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls and Everything in Between (BTW, LOL at that title, Lauren) came out the week following A Year in the Life鈥榮 release (probably because it contained mega spoilers). While the book covers many parts of Lauren鈥檚 life, the chapters she wrote about her experiences shooting the show鈥檚 revival were especially beautiful for GG diehards, as Lauren details the emotional moments on set with everyone, as well as the close connection she鈥檚 always felt to the Lorelai character and her TV daughter Rory (AKA Alexis Bledel).

In detailing what it was like to finally say those famous last four words, Lauren admits that it never really hit her until filming the final scene. In it, Rory tells her mom she鈥檚 pregnant, then the episode ends. That鈥檚 it. It turns out Lauren was as surprised 鈥 and suspicious 鈥 as the rest of us.

鈥淭he words are wonderful, of course, and have a simple symmetry, which makes perfect sense within the origin of the story of Gilmore Girls,鈥 Lauren writes. 鈥淭hey are not, however, what I was expecting, because they are not what I would call the exact definition of a conclusion. As in they do not end the story we are telling as much as they introduce something that was not previously known. Which, to me, is not precisely an ending. To me, they are really more of a鈥

鈥業sn鈥檛 it more of a cliffhanger?鈥 I ask Amy [Sherman-Palladino, the show鈥檚 creator and writer].

But Amy doesn鈥檛 answer me.

She just smiles.


HMMMM, indeed! That (non-)answer of Amy鈥檚 is WAY too vague, and WAY too much of a tease! Lauren then spends her time on set asking anyone who鈥檒l listen if they think it鈥檚 more of a cliffhanger than an ending, though no one else seems to be as intrigued by the possibility of it as her. We鈥檙e with you on this one, Lauren!

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