This Unicorn Café Is a Lisa Frank Lover’s Dream Come True
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This Unicorn Café Is a Lisa Frank Lover’s Dream Come True

We don’t need a Lisa Frank Tarot deck (though we totally want one) to know how much our readers adore all things unicorn. If you’re the kind of person who adores the idea of a unicorn-themed party, for instance, then you definitely need to know about the new unicorn cafe that’s basically a Lisa Frank lover’s dream come true.

Blantantly and oh-so-aptly named Unicorn Cafe and situated in the Bang Rak district of Bangkok, Thailand, this new spot is basically a glittery pastel, unicorn-filled dream land.

It’s a place where you can get your fill of unicorn-themed desserts…

…or, you could opt for something more hearty to bite into (mind the horn).

There are sprinkle-topped cotton candy sodas, natch.

And Milky Way frappes served in whimsical starry glasses.

Here, you can fully immerse yourself in everything unicorn (onesies not required, but surely encouraged).

We’re talking floor to ceiling, folks!

Practically every nook and cranny is bursting with unicorn paraphernalia.

Seriously, haven’t we all had a dream that looked just like this? Or maybe it was our bedroom decor from when we were five? Either way, we’re lovin’ it!

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(h/t Elite Daily, photo via @yannaho)