Does anyone stay in actual hotels anymore? Besides room service, there’s not much a hotel has to offer that can top the crazy, unique and, let’s face it, affordable experiences you can get by staying at local rentals. Seriously, how else could you stay in a Van Gogh replica bedroom, a gorgeous modern yurt or Airbnb’s most popular rental — the Mushroom Dome Cabin (Gwyneth has stayed here, so it’s gotta be amazing). And now, you can stay in a grown-up version of your childhood fave — a treehouse. Check out these nine unique and beautiful treehouse Airbnbs from around the world. They may just be worthy of planning an entire vacation around.

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1. Balinese All-Bamboo House by the River: What’s better than a vacation in Bali? A vacation in Bali in a MASSIVE treehouse made entirely out of gorgeous bamboo. We can just imagine a cool breeze blowing through our hair as we admire the river on the property from above.

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2. Treehouse Overlooking San Francisco Bay: You don’t need to travel to super-exotic locations to find the perfect treehouse rental. This little house built literally around a tree is right in San Francisco, offering a beautiful view of the bay. The wrap-around deck would make for the most memorable candle-lit dinner EVER.

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3. Treehouse Getaway in a Spanish Park: Complete with a rope bridge and all, this tiny tree hut overlooking a gorgeous natural park in Spain is the perfect relaxing hideaway.

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4. French Countryside Treehouse: This treehouse is built around a 150-year-old oak tree. Also, the hosts seem like gems, writing, “Around 9am in the morning, a basket with your breakfast will be delivered at the bottom of your tree, tied up to a rope, ready to be pulled up and enjoyed on the terrace.” Does it get better than that?

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5. English Coast View Treehouse: Relax on the English coast in this farm-setting tree house. The floor-to-ceiling windows give it an airy feel and make the views of the lush surrounding land that much more beautiful.

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6. Luxury English Treehouse: Live the treehouse life in style in this luxury hut in Sussex, England. With 44 acres of land to explore and a quaint town nearby, this treehouse is the best of both worlds.

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7. Volcano Hut: Built by TV’s Treehouse Masters, this one overlooks Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park. Spend the day exploring the rainforest and then retire to this gorgeous hut to listen to the sounds of the forest.

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8. Magical Vintage Treehouse: Apparently, Bali is the place to go for the most fairy tale-like treehouse experiences. Also, how is this only $68 per night? BRB, booking a flight to Bali.

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9. Bus-in-a-Tree Treehouse: We’ve saved the weirdest for last. This Scotland caravan-in-a-tree was used for a movie set and now operates as just about the quirkiest accommodation option we’ve ever seen.

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(Photos via Airbnb)