Kimye is never absent from the news for very long, and this past month has been no exception. The Kanye half of the duo recently told his audience that he didn’t even bother to vote, and if he had he would have voted for Trump. And that’s not all, either. This weekend he cut his concert short after only 30 minutes, following a seriously weird rant in which he went after people like Mark Zuckerberg and *gulp* Beyoncé. What is happening this year?!

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - November 15, 2016

While Kanye has always been known to be theatrical and a bit of a rebel, we know he has a good heart underneath it all. So what gives? While many people are saying that he’s just doing crazy things to get attention, lots of people on Twitter, Kanye fans and non-fans alike, are concerned that something is going on with his mental wellbeing.

We hope that Kanye can get whatever help he needs. Not just as a celebrity, but as a human being.

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