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The 10 Best Moisturizers to Keep Your Skin Nourished Through the Winter

This winter has been particularly rough (we’re talking to you, East Coast), and since your skin is actually your body’s largest organ (it’s true!), we’re sure you’re in need of some serious treatment at this point. The fix is in! 10 moisturizers that promise to provide your skin with some much needed nourishment.


Yes You Can: 8 Ways to Make Your Own Chocolates

For those of you who don’t like to bake (myself included) but still love chocolate, these are the recipes for you. Not only are they easy and delicious, but it’ll also look like you spent HOURS in the kitchen crafting these fine desserts. I mean, I can’t think of a better hostess gift or Valentine’s Day treat. Can you?


10 Healthy Snack Recipes for Your Super Bowl Party

As a group of people prone to serial snacking at parties, we’re always doing our best to find the healthiest crumb in the room… which isn’t easy to do when faced with a table full of fried chicken wings and mini wieners wrapped in butter croissants. But with the guidance of this list, you’ll be set for the big game day. Every recipe is healthy (or at least a health-ier alternative) so you can worry about the game and not your calorie count.

Healthy Eating

10 Smoothie Recipes That Won’t Pack On the Pounds

You think you know what we’re here to tell you, but trust us. You have no idea what we have in store for you. If you expect us to be all “strawberries-and-kale this” and “blueberries-and-bananas that,” stop expecting. Instead, ready your blender and grab a bendy straw. From mojitos to Almond Joys, we’re taking you on a nutritious tour of smoothies that we swear are actually good for you.


10 Kitchen Gadgets You Need Right Now

Whether or not you actually enjoy cooking doesn’t matter; these gadgets will make you really excited to be in your kitchen. Do you really need them? Maybe not…but they’ll sure make your life a whole lot easier. Here are ten kitchen gadgets that we love- mostly small, but all with a big purpose.