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15 Ways to DIY With Wood Slices

From branches and leaves to acorns and pinecones, the outdoors is full of materials for DIY goodness.

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12 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

We’re on a real nature high over here.

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Go Nuts Over These 8 Acorn DIYs

If you’ve been squirreling away acorns on your park picnics, here are some cute uses for them!

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13 DIY Ways to Repurpose Branches into Decor

As we get into the drier months, use the free supplies you have laying in your front yard to upgrade your home.

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26 DIY Ways to Use Fall Leaves

Soon enough, you’ll be able to find these bad boys everywhere, but rather than tossing out that big pile in your yard, decorate your walls, your table and even yourself!

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Splash Around in These 30 Rad Rain Boots

Forget childhood memories of floppy boots that you couldn’t make cute no matter how hard you tried. These days, you have some serious options when it comes to footwear that will keep your toesies dry.


10 Boxed Wine Pairings (Yes, Boxed Wine)

Boxed wine is back on the map. Winemakers have stepped up their boxed wine quality since the Franzia college days of yore.


15 DIY Bleach Projects

First we showed you how to dye your fabrics with colors. Now, let us give you some tips on how using bleach can remove color. Whether you want to give life to old pieces or you simply can’t stand the sight of solids, we have some beautiful bleaching additions for your clothing, shoes, and decor.


30 Dye-It-Yourself Projects

We’re dye-ing over these.

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15 Creative Crafty Spaces We’re Jealous of

These 15 beautifully colored craft spaces are sure to become your new happy place.

Organization and Cleaning

How to DIY Your Own Gel Manicure at Home

Love the look of gel manicures but can’t commit to the cost? We feel you, girl. Here’s how to get the salon look at home for a fraction of what you’d pray the pros.


Express Yourself With One of These 20 Typography Cake Toppers

When it comes to what sits on top of your cake, you deserve to express yourself with one of these 20 gorgeous typography cake toppers.