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3 Recipes to Make Holiday Bitters (+ 3 Cocktails to Mix ’em In!)

Winter is in full swing and we’ve decided to make the most of being indoors and make our own bitters for cocktails! Making bitters is way easier than we thought, plus you can remix all your own flavors. It’s the perfect DIY project for when you’re stuck inside. Bonus: Bitters are the gift that keeps on giving. A little bit of bitters goes a long way, so you can make enough to last all winter. These would also make great gifts for fellow cocktail enthusiasts.

DIY Recipes

Make This Crushed Candy Cane Chocolate Cakes Recipe!

Chocolate and candy. What more could one ask for this Christmas?

DIY Recipes

This Coffee Holiday Cocktail We’ll Be Sipping All Season

After all the Turkey Day indulging today and shopping extravaganza tomorrow, you’re gonna need a little something-something to get you through to next week. Enter: The Coffee Cocktail.

DIY Recipes

Turn Your Turkey Day Leftovers into This Sweet + Savory Enchiladas Recipe

Who is as ready for Thanksgiving feasting as we are? We can’t wait to cozy up to the table with my family and friends to celebrate the season. Of course, with every huge gathering, there are always leftovers. We can’t stand the thought of letting all those carefully prepared dishes go to waste, but can’t eat the same meal more than twice without getting bored. Instead of the usual turkey sandwich, try giving Thanksgiving leftovers a bit of a Texas twist!

DIY Recipes

3 Treats In One: Pumpkin French Toast Waffles

There has definitely been more than one occasion when I’ve let that fancy bread I bought a bakery go stale. Ugh, what a waste…sike! Because there are tons of great ways to use old bread, like in bread puddings or making french toast. I decided to put a seasonal twist on this french toast-waffle hybrid (hybread?) and use the super rich pumpkin puree that is everywhere in stores right now. It has plenty of moisture to revive stale bread, not to mention, who doesn’t love a little extra pumpkin? This recipe is great for a quick breakfast that looks fancy and will impress your holiday guests without causing too much fuss in the kitchen, and will get that stale bread off your counter!


The Ultimate Pumpkin Spice Smoothie (Bonus, It’s Dairy-Free!)

Fall is here! And I don’t know about you but I am definitely excited to indulge a little this season with lots of sides, sweets and of course pie! But of course, I want to get my tastes of the seasons without adding a bunch of extra calories. This Pumpkin Spice Smoothie is the perfect way to get your piece of the pie without undoing your whole day. Pumpkin packs tons of nutrients and bonus, pumpkin in the morning will help you stay fuller longer.


It’s Alive! Frankengoblin Jello Shots

We are googly eyed for these little green monsters. Part Frankenstein, part goblin, we can’t get enough of these Halloween shooters! Perfect for your All Hallow’s Eve bash, these only require a few ingredients for a creepy crawly treat.

DIY Recipes

Trick or Treat! Make this Chocolate Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

Are you ready to jump on the pumpkin bandwagon this fall? Do you think the hype will be as big again this year? One of my favorite fall flavor combinations is pumpkin and chocolate, and these treats are just the right amount of sweet and earthy notes. Plus, who doesn’t love a rice krispie treat? Together these flavors take rice krispies up a notch. These are easy enough to make a in a few minutes, but will keep for a few days so you can make ahead before your Halloween party this year.

DIY Recipes

Fall Foodie Classics: Apple Pie with a Cheddar Crust

Fall is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited. Time to break out the jackets and boots! One of my personal favorite things about fall is the variety of flavors, especially apple! Apples pair great with cheeses, especially tart Granny Smith apples and sharp cheddar. I whipped up this easy apple pie with a cheddar cheese crust. Be sure to pin this recipe and use it all season long!

DIY Recipes

Spike Your Sweets: Salted Coffee and Kahlua Milkshakes

We’ve been dreaming up berry delicious milkshake dreams this week, toasted marshmallow pillows included! There is something about a bold coffee brew and Kahlua that can make any day seem right. Pour that combo over creamy ice cream and you’ve got us floating on cloud nine! We’ve taken the classic after dinner coffee beverage and made it into a must-have dessert with this simple recipe!

DIY Recipes

Happy Hour Hack! 3 Spiked Slushy Snow Cones

Summer is in full force down here is Austin, and the high temperatures have us hankering for icy daydreams. Snow cones are definitely a summer staple. I decided to take this childhood favorite and make it the perfect 5 o’clock treat with some fresh ingredients and a cocktail twist. Ditch the styrofoam cups and upgrade to cocktail glasses. Set out the garnishes and booze, and have your friends over for a DIY snow cone happy hour! Perfect end to a sizzling summer day.

DIY Recipes

Dare to Try Avocado Popsicles? Only If You Use This Recipe

We love our boozy treats here at Brit! HQ With National Tequila Day coming up next week, what better way to celebrate than with Strawberry Avocado Tequila Popsicles! Creamy and delicious, they are as delicious as they are fun to eat. The perfect summer treat with ripe avocados and strawberries. We would take them to any picnic or rooftop party.

DIY Recipes