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Get the Look: This Artist’s Modern Melbourne Home

Australian artist Miranda Skoczek’s paintings are, in a word, stunning. A fascinating amalgamation of modernist and folk art, her works are an interesting balance of decorative and emotive. Needless to say, we’re smitten kittens.


Made Us Look: Smithsonian Library GIFs

Some genius over at the Smithsonian Library Tumblr has started animating images in old books. It’s great. IT’S GREAT. It’s really so wonderful and nerdy. So much <3love<3 for this it's ridiculous.

Home News

A New Way to Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

Meredith Perry created a technology that allows portable electronics, like iPhones and laptops, to be charged wirelessly through ultrasound waves. Um, tell us more…


WATCH: 7 Years of Selfies in 1 Video

Starting at age 12, Hugo Cornellier took a photo of himself every day for seven years. He edited together a video of every photo — watch his time lapse video of himself then and now.


This Site Lets You Pay Someone $5 to Do All Your Chores

Fiverr, a TaskRabbit-like site that lets people buy and sell services, just secured another $30 million in funding. Freelancers everywhere are jumping for joy — one more outlet that helps us make money! Yay!


We <3 This Friendship Bracelet Wall Art

Take a deep breath, because you are about to let out one very protracted awwww. We’re gushing over this art installation by Adam Parker Smith, simply titled, “Proposal.” It reads, “Will u marry me” and is made entirely of woven friendship bracelets. Awwwwwwwww!!!!

Home News

This Browser Hack Loads a GIF When You Open a New Tab

You can bet that when we heard of the Chrome extension animatedTabs, we installed it so fast it’d make your head spin.


These Meals Are *Actually* Too Pretty to Eat

Joyce designed four European capital cityscapes that are arguably more beautiful than the real-life cities themselves.


Guildery Makes Home Decorating a Cinch

Basically, color theory is hard, y’all. Guildery eliminates the guesswork by enlisting interior designers to create color palettes for you.

Home News

This DIY Breakfast Is an AM Game Changer

MixMyOwn is a website that delivers wholesome cereal you’ve designed yourself straight to your door.

Healthy Eating

The Next Big Thing in Skincare = Brewed Tea?!

You are what you eat… or in this case, drink.


Wait… Color-Changing Ice Cream Exists?!

Children (and us adult children) everywhere are passing out from excitement over the invention of color-changing ice cream.

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