There are lots of weird and wonderful underwear products. There’s everything from traditional intimates to period panties and masks you wear on your derriere. But what about a pair that keeps us cool and fresh, even in the scorching summer heat? A new Kickstarter came up with a high-tech solution.

Denmark-based Organic Basics creates their panties using SilverTech, a proprietary technology that involves spinning silver into cotton. Doing it this way means the effects won’t wear off, even after you wash it a bunch of times. Why silver? Well, because it has anti-bacterial properties and heat-regulating benefits, which means you’ll sweat (and stink) less.

The company also offers T-shirts, socks, and sports bras, all produced using the same method. Because everything is made with organic cotton and doesn’t use chemicals, you can rest assured that you’ve got the comfiest, most eco-friendly garments around. Plus, you don’t have to wash the pieces very often (although you should probably still wash your underwear after one use), which bumps up the sustainability factor big time. Win-win!

You can snag yours on Kickstarter now.

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(Photos via Organic Basics)