Whether you’re shopping on Instagram, taking photos like a boss or getting beauty tips from celeb stylists, your Instagram favorites are more than just a bunch of pixels on a screen. Your faves share recipes, post pics of fancy felines or dapper pups, travel the world and clue you in on hot new restaurants or must-have shoes. For vegans and veg-curious folks, there’s a whole slew of #vegansofig that will keep you in the loop of all things plant-based. We’ve rounded up the (vegan) cream of the crop of Instagrammers you should be following.


1. @isachandra: Vegan chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz is the queen of plant-based eats. Whether she’s showing off new menu items at her signature restaurant, Modern Love, or taking adorable cat pics, we’re clicking those hearts like crazy.

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2. @nomyourself: We’re eagerly anticipating cookbook author Mary Mattern’s debut tome Simple Vegan Cooking that debuts in September, but we’re too busy admiring her salad skills and devotion to avocados to notice the wait.

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3. @mooshoesla: Fashionable vegan gals and guys trust vegan shoe shop MooShoes to deliver the sexy. The shop’s LA feed often features stylish faux leather and suede kicks and peeks at the rescued pups who hang out in the store.


4. @ayinde: We love guys who can cook, and vegan chef Ayinde Howell brings it. You can often find him whipping up batches of his famous Mac and Yease — a vegan take on the classic — or making homemade biscuits for his mom (cue swooning).

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5. @chocolatecoveredkatie: If you’re not following Katie Higgins’s healthy dessert blog, do it now. We can wait. When you come back, you’ll want to know about the latest treats that Katie’s baking, like her Pink Princess Strawberry Frosted Cake. We’ll take seconds, please.

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6. @kathypatalsky: Popular vegan blogger Kathy Patalsky makes healthy eating look good. Her morning breakfast bowls and dinner-sized salads are just one of the many pics that will inspire you to eat clean.

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7. @girliegirlarmy: Chloé Jo Davis is one hot mama. The vegan woman behind the style and beauty blog Girlie Girl Army has tons of great ideas for new moms who want to raise their kiddos in a more eco-friendly way.

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8. @meliebianco: A girl can never have enough vegan handbags, especially when they are as super adorable as this brand’s bags. Bonus: Sales are often announced via Instagram!

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9. @veganbeautyreview: If you’re searching for the latest cruelty-free makeup, check out this vegan mom with hot pink hair who showcases the cutest polishes, lipsticks and everything you need to get all dolled up.

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10. @vegantreats: If you’re obsessed with fondant and pastries, you’ll love Danielle Konya and her vegan version of Charm City Bakery: Vegan Treats bakery. If only we could eat what we see!

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11. @ecastoria: The author of How to Be Vegan makes the vegan lifestyle look so easy and fun (and it is).

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12. @ mrpenguino: The founder of popular vegan blog Vegansaurus is a gal about town. Pup pics and delicious food abound.

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13. @olivesfordinner: If you want major food envy, follow this vegan blogger who makes us want to come over for dinner.

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14. @choosingraw: For raw foodists or anyone who loves eating mostly raw, Gena Hamshaw’s daily posts of colorful grain salads and veggie-filled bowls truly display what it’s like to eat the rainbow.

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15. @mielbramble: As the owner of a vegan special-order pâtisserie in Los Angeles, Miel’s Instagram is a delightful romp of Sriracha peanut butter cups, ombré rosette colored cakes and salted caramel buttercream cupcakes.

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16. @eatpastry: For your inner Cookie Monster, this husband-and-wife duo behind the readymade vegan cookie dough company are all about the cookies. They feature cookies stuffed into ice cream, cookies with Oreos inside and cookie-dough fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (really).

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17. @leannemaily: This superstar runs her own vegan fashion house Vaute Couture in Brooklyn, NY, and besides being ultra adorbs, she posts inspiring quotes and info about her travels around the world.

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18. @thesexyvegan: Of course, the guy behind the cookbook The Sexy Vegan Happy Hour at Home would be the kind of guy you’d want to hang out with as he documents the delicious dishes he makes for his wife and baby boy.

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19. @ilovepacifica: Zendaya and Keri Russell count this 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand as their go-to makeup on the red carpet. We’re fans of the eyeshadow palette available at Target with the words “You are so pretty,” inscribed inside.

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20. @_kate_lewis: Whatever food photographer Kate Lewis is doing, we want to know. Whether she’s photographing a cookbook, shopping for antiques, traveling or cuddling with her rescue dog Cooper, we want to see every beautiful moment.

Do you have any fave vegan Instagrammers that we missed? If so, tell us in the comments!