If you know anything about planning a wedding, you know it’s all in the details. From your something blue and table cards to centerpieces and floral arrangements, it’s a lot of work to get everything right — and rightly so: A wedding is one of the most important events in a gal’s life! Luckily, we’re here to help you cross one small (but major!) detail off your checklist: The Wedding Exit. Will you have your guests toss rice to send you off? Or will you go with something a little more unique? If you’re all about changing it up, check out these 24 non-traditional ways to send off the happy couple.

1. Pom Poms: It may take a lot of work, but DIY-ing a whole bunch of pom poms is totally worth it for both the fun photos and the quirky, colorful touch. You should probably start crafting now. (via Brit + Co)

2. Wild Flowers: What’s a bohemian wedding without some wild flowers? This couple wrapped their buds in paper cones — made of sheet music. Love it! (via Rock n’ Roll Bride)

Wedding Bubbles Send-Off

3. Bubbles: Bring out your inner child by having your guests blow bubbles upon your exit. (via Getty)

4. Sparklers: Who says you actually need to throw something to celebrate the newlyweds? This couple wanted their guests to hold sparklers to light the way to their new life. (via Getty)

Gary Neville Wedding - Manchester

5. Flowers: Use this floral wedding shoot as inspo for a romantic and fun affair. Tossing white flowers into the air will go along with any theme. (via Getty)

6. Cap Guns: Bring your romance story into the wild, wild west by telling your guests to fire off cap guns after the ceremony. The decorative tags add a sophisticated touch would otherwise seem childish. (via The Knot)

7. Glow Sticks: Throwing a night time affair? You’re going to need some lights. Even if you’re not throwing a rave, get the party started with some glow sticks while they simultaneously light the couple’s exit path. (via The Knot)

8. Streamers: Have your guests toss rolls of streamers into the air to send the happy couple on their way. It’s one of the easiest ones to clean up and makes for some truly unique photo ops. Yarn balls would be another cool variation. (via The Knot)

9. Petals: If you’re not interested in throwing full flowers, rose petals are another romantic twist. (via Getty)

10. Confetti Push-Pops ($4): Colorful, mixed media confetti is all well and good, but what we’re really obsessing over are these plastic push-pops that holds it. And afterwards, your guests can keep the containers and make their own DIY pop treats.

11. Paper Planes ($225): We’re loving these pink paper planes, but you can go with any color that fits your scheme. Stamp your initials on each plane for a unique and personalized touch. We envision an origami party in your near future… (via Etsy)

12. Sprinkles: How cute is this? Rainbow sprinkles are always a good idea. Always. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

13. Ribbon Wands: This couple was sent off with ribbon wands that were beautifully displayed at the wedding’s entrance. These are something you could totally DIY. (via Wedding Chicks)

14.Heart-Shaped Plantable Confetti ($10 for 350 pieces): Heart-shaped anything is completely appropriate for an event celebrating love. This adorable confetti is handmade with wild flower seeds inside to mark where your love actually bloomed!

More Ideas to Consider

15. Confetti: Nothing says a party without a little confetti. You could go with neutrals or metallics, but you know what we always say: The more color, the better! (via Style Me Pretty)

16. Mini Beach Balls:Beachfront weddings sure are romantic, but that doesn’t mean the bride and groom can’t have a little fun. Mini beach balls are one thing your guests will thoroughly enjoy tossing into the blue sky. (via Ruffled)

17. Leaves: If you’re planning to wed in autumn months, make use of your natural surroundings. Plus, falling leaves create a great backdrop for photos.

18. Balloons: Nothing says celebration like a bunch of balloons. If you’re not really a fan of having things thrown on top of you (or at you), this is an equally fun variation on the tradition. (via Brides)

19. Glitter and Sequins:Glam bride? Glitter and sequins should do the trick. While it’s definitely a pain to clean, it’ll make the wedding ceremony sparkle almost as much as the glowing bride. (via Style Me Pretty)

20. Herbs: If you’ve got a cooking couple on your hands, throwing herbs is a perfect way to tie it in. Not only do they smell deliciously fresh, but they’re also environmentally friendly. (via Style Me Pretty)

Planning a wedding? Tell us what you plan to have your guests throw as you head off into happily ever after in the comments below!