Like it or not, you can’t deny that President Trump’s election and the events that have occurred since he took office have had a profound impact on our society with regard to our view of politics.

While some are SO over hearing about them (find out how to rid your feed of ‘em here), others have been newly inspired to get involved. See: the 500 women and group of scientists that have signed up to train for office.


One such member of the latter “doer” group just so happens to be Myya D. Jones — a 22-year-old MSU (Go Spartans!) student that’s running for a position as the Mayor of Detroit.

After an internship on Capitol Hill under Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence last year, Myya says she became a social activist. “I see that we really lack diversity in age, diversity in color, when it comes to our political realm, so I decided to act,” she told Teen Vogue.

And act she did. Now, she’s running against the largely unopposed Mike Duggan, who is seeking a second term in office. Focusing on her platforms of public safety, economic development and child welfare, Myya says she’s qualified thanks to her management classes at MSU. “When it comes to running any organization, it’s not just the one individual, it’s the entire team…I have background knowledge in how to select people, how to look for certain qualities in people to make sure that your vision, or the vision of the people, is being brought out.” Of course, she’s bound to have her detractors, but Myya’s ready for them, particularly with regard to her age, which she says she actually views as a positive. “If we have diversity when it comes to age in the political system, I believe our political system would be so much better than it is right now.” (Hey, if a three-year-old can be a mayor, so too can a 22-year-old, areweright?)

Still not sold? That’s okay. Posting the above pic to her Instagram page, Myya writes, “A little while ago, I decided to live in my purpose unapologetically and without fear. There is much in store for the world as I prepare to take my passions to the next level. If you’re not supporting, encouraging, loving or rooting for me…sit back and watch me do my money dance.”

Get. It. GIRL.

Read her full interview here.

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(h/t Teen Vogue, photos via Latoya Colts)