It’s no secret that we love boho-chic home decor and indoor gardening. So it should really come as no surprise that Justina Blakeney of the Jungalow is one of our all-time fave home decor gurus. When we’re not obsessing over her latest paper goods collab or room makeover, we’re scouring her blog and Instagram feed for that super trendy #Jungalowstyle. And you don’t need to be a master green thumb to dig her brand. She has incredible textiles that will knock your pattern-loving socks off.

But before we profess our love and list all of the things we dig about Justina, we’re happy to say that she is a guest speaker at our Re:Make 2016 conference (with a few other *major* tastemakers and girl bosses). So get pumped, pick up your ticket here and scroll on to see the eight reasons why Justina is boho-fabulous and why you need to see her speak at Fort Mason come Friday, September 30.


1. #JungalowStyle: Justina’s signature style has launched a design movement that combines vintage and handmade goods with colorful textiles and plants, plants, plants. These airy and boho-beautiful spaces are filling up your Pinterest and Instagram feeds and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Check out The Jungalow for inspiration and use her #decoratewild mantra to get the look on your own.


2. Gorgeous Room Makeovers + Decor Collabs: After just one look at a Jungalow-designed space, you’ll be ready to embrace *all* the plants and infuse your home with natural textures, colorful hues and LOTS of hanging planters. Follow her blog and Insta to see her latest projects, room makeovers and home furnishing collabs. This dreamy she shed is still one of our all-time faves!


3. The Prettiest Plant-Filled Instagram Feed: If you’re looking for a little greenery or the perfect plant #shelfie, @thejungalow is going to become your new favorite feed. Get ready to double tap #plantporn, pretty patterns and that signature ’70s-inspired Jungalow magic. Also, be sure to check out her personal account @justinablakeney for even more behind-the-scenes action.


4. Textiles Galore: Boho style is *all* about those textiles, whether it’s layering them, hanging ’em on your wall or covering every surface with a tapestry or two. Justina’s pillows and rugs will bring the perfect retro-chic style to any space. Check out her collection on LoLoi Rugs and get ready to experience some major decor envy and intense online shopping urges.


5. Tropical Wall Candy: Besides designing incredible textiles, Justina has honed her pattern-making skills into some pretty incredible wall candy. Her wallpapers are a mix of retro boho prints with some palm-riffic and gilded options as well. See all her prints here and shop them over at Hygge & West.


6. Vintage-Inspired DIYs: Just like us, Justina is a maker before anything else. Her DIYs are all about putting a modern spin on the retro-chic look and bringing home that vintage-inspired Jungalow style with a few easy steps. Case in point: this DIY pastel drawer planter. Follow her DIY adventures here.


7. The Plant-o-Pedia: Justina’s signature Jungalow style really started with the plants. Not only does she show you how to decorate and style them in your home, but she also gives you the 4-1-1 on her Plant-o-Pedia page. Still not sure what to do with those spider plant clippings? Have a Fiddle Leaf Fig that is lookin’ a little sparse? Justina is your go-to indoor plant goddess.


8. Pretty (and Palm-y) Paper goods: Whether you’re looking for beautiful boho wedding invites or palm and frond-filled thank you notes, Justina’s stationery collab with Wedding Paper Divas will take any event to the next level. These borders are even pretty enough to slap a polaroid on and call it art. Repurposed stationery FTW!

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(Photos via The Jungalow)