Let’s face it: A coat that looks good on you is a winter must-have — it’s the one thing people will see you in for months. To find out this year’s trendiest coat styles that work best for various body types, we enlisted Topshop creative consultant Geoffrey Finch for help. Whether you’re tall, petite, lanky or curvy, there’s a style that’s made for you. Keep reading to find out which one you’re meant to rock!

If You’re Tall

Tall ladies know coat shopping can be tricky, because often the sleeves aren’t long enough or the fabric pulls too tightly under the shoulders. “Proportions are really important. Avoid crop styling and shorter sleeve lengths,” Finch tells us. “There are so many great longer styles this season, which will be perfect if you’re blessed with a longer leg.” Dusters are so in right now and will also show off your enviously long legs. (via Topshop)

If You’re Curvy

Finch advises women blessed with curves to pick coat styles that will emphasize your waist and show off your curves. “Belted coats are not only key this season, they’re also super flattering,” he says. “Otherwise, check out our waist-cinchers.” The key is to keep things fitted. (via Eloquii)

If You’re Petite

“Best to keep those lines right,” Finch advises women on the smaller side. “Look out for waisted styles, as they can end up in the wrong position. If you want a roomier look, keep it on the neater side by trying a smaller size than you would normally go for.” Just like with curvy girls, petites can’t go wrong with a fitted style. Something baggier — like a blanket or cape — can swallow a small frame, making you look even more petite than you actually are. (via Topshop)

Coats That Look Good On Everyone

Luckily, there’s a big trend going on that’s basically foolproof and looks good on anyone: crombies, the three-quarter-length style of overcoat made famous by British coat brand Crombie. “Single-breasted crombies always work, and you can always add extra details like fur collars and belts — and they love to be layered,” Finch says. Warm, stylish and looks good on everyone who wears it: Now, that’s a winner. (via Topshop)

What trendy coat style are you loving this season? Tell us in the comments!