Sure, podcasts have been around forever, but thanks to the phenomenon that is Serial, they’ve become a part of our daily lives now more than ever. But did you guys know that only 30% of podcasts are hosted by women? We think this needs to change ASAP, and we encourage all you ladies out there who have thought about starting a podcast to take the plunge and do it. In the meantime, check out these 14 podcasts hosted by some seriously smart, funny women as they discuss all things in life that we can relate to.


1. I Seem Funny: LA-based comedian Jen Kirkman gives us the podcast version of a personal diary. She sits in bed and talks into her microphone about everything and anything that’s on her mind (and probably on most of our minds too).


2. Slumber Party With Allie and Georgia: These two BFFs went from YouTube sensations as the creators of the McNugettini to bonafide Cooking Channel web hosts. In addition to their podcast, which will make you wish you could attend their sleepovers, these girls also have a number of hilarious video channels, so make sure to check them out in all their glory.


3. Call Your Girlfriend: As Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman put it, this is a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere. These two intelligent, hilarious and extremely accomplished ladies know the importance of friendship and take time from their busy schedules to chat about shine theory, politics, Taylor Swift and period problems.


4. Go Bayside: If you were a teenager in the ’90s, then watching Saved by the Bell was probably a part of your after-school ritual for years. April Richardson has taken this same love and turned it into a podcast where she can talk about the show. Every week she invites a friend (yes, that’s Turtle from Entourage) over to watch, dissect and discuss the show.


5. The Lively Show: Each of Jess Lively’s podcasts are intended to uplift, inspire and inform you. She covers a wide spectrum of topics including style, business, food, motherhood and blogging, and features a new guest every episode.


6. Two Brown Girls: Fariha and Zeba of Two Brown Girls are both movie critics and writers in their 20s living in Canada and New York. Their podcast basically consists of weekly phone conversations where they discuss race, gender, current events and pop culture from their passionate, feminist perspectives.


7. Lady Business Radio: Lady Business Radio is exactly what it sounds like: a podcast on how to be a badass girl boss. This interview-style podcast talks to women entrepreneurs and gives insight on how to run a successful business, be a mom and generally have it all. (Photo via Lady Business Radio)


8. Nerdette: Nerdette is all about embracing your inner nerd. Tricia and Greta use this space to nerd out about all things they read, watch and see in their daily lives (including Game of Thrones recaps, which we can’t wait to binge on). (Photo via Citizen Times)


9. Sex Nerd Sandra: Get the inside scoop on all things sex- and relationship-related from a female, scientific and above all, human perspective. Sandra gives us tips, techniques and tidbits from experts in the field, and no topic is off limits.


10. Stuff Mom Never Told You: We learned a lot from mom, but these ladies take it to a whole new level. Their witty and humorous podcast dissects all aspects of being a woman and everything that comes with it.


11. After the Jump: From the creator of of Design*Sponge, comes this awesome decor-ific show. Grace Bonney takes her love of art and design to radio with a series of interviews with artists, designers and all kinds of creative minds.


12. Another Round: We already turn to Buzzfeed for our daily dose of funnies and social news, so why not for podcasts too? Listening to Another Round is like having happy hour with the girls, so pour yourself a glass of vino and enjoy Heben and Tracy as they discuss everything from sexism and racism to male strippers and squirrels.

Chewing the Fat 1400x1400 tile

13. Chewing the Fat: Food Journalists Louisa and Monica bring us a weekly podcast about… food, of course! Together they tackle all aspects of the culinary world like cooking, dining, food culture and culinary characters.


14. Black Girls Talking: Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia and Ramou discuss their thoughts on the representation of women and people of color in the media through pop culture and relatable, entertaining personal experiences.

Do you have any awesome lady podcasters (including yourself!) that we should listen to ? Let us know below.