Exercise is deeply personal. Whether you’re a can’t-miss-my-workout kinda gal or a hardcore yogi, keeping your hair under control during your sweat sesh is just as important as finding the right sports bra. Getting yourself moving can be hard enough as it is, so you can’t let something as minuscule as your hair hold you back. Trying to preserve that blow out? Going for the no-poo method? Just chopped off all your hair? No sweat… well, actually, lots of sweat, but we’ve got you covered!


1. The Looped Pony: This unique ponytail is perfect for hiking, biking or running. If you have medium to long hair and no bangs to worry about, here’s a great option. (via Refinery29)


2. The Ballerina Bun: If the Barre Method or ballet-inspired workouts are your thing, this classic ballerina bun is perfect for you. It may not hold up on a long run, but it’s a great way to unleash gorgeous waves sans heating tools after your workout. (via Seventeen)


3. The Bunched Ponytail: This look, first popularized by Disney’s Jasmine, has some edge. We think you need a pink-bunched ponytail before you destroy some punching bags or whip out your boxing gloves. (via @shannicat)


4. French-Braided Side Chignon: This one is for the swimmers and surfers out there. Get your water sports on in style with this sleeker-when-wet updo. (via Gabe Liesemeyer/eHow)


5. Cornrow Pony: This side-cornrow ponytail was made for curly-haired ladies and anyone trying to keep their bangs dry. (via Seventeen)


6. Double Braid: No strands escape the double braid! Keep those bad boys on lock with this cute and functional look that works for everything from yoga to sprints. (via xoVain)


7. Shorthair Headband: If you just chopped your hair and you’re trying to figure out how to keep all the new layers off your neck, go for a substantial headband like this one to keep the bobby pins in place while you sweat it out. (via One Little Momma)


8. Turban: This bright and sunshiney turban is just about the cutest sweatband ever! Even if you recently shaved your head, keep the sweat out of your eyes with this homemade beauty. Check our tutorial for how to make your own turban in minutes! (via Etsy)


9. Side Braid: This dutch braid plus tight side braid is perfect for getting your bangs out of your way while rock climbing or taking on a cycling class. (via Refinery29)


10. Boxer Braids: You might not want this braid thumping against your back while you’re on a long run, but we’re ready to sport this stylish look at our next Pilates class. (via Style Me Pretty)


11. Workout Hair: If you’re squeezing in a workout between the office and meeting up with friends, you can rock this dutch-braided bun while you sweat it out. Leave the braids in for an elaborate post-workout look, or go full-on glam with wavy hair. (via The Beauty Department)

Which one of these styles will you be rocking at the gym next? Let us know in the comments below!