Smartphone chargers (aka IVs to our lifelines) have been getting more portable and certainly smarter, but they haven’t yet gotten more wearable. Until our phone batteries can last from our morning coffee until our nightly Netflix, we’ll be looking for just about any way to make charging them more convenient. The latest way is with a belt.

xoo charging

The company XOO has created a belt that charges your phone with a tiny cord that connects from the buckle to the phone in your pocket. It may sound a little invasive, but it’s actually pretty discreet considering your phone is likely going to be in your pocket anyway.


Since successfully crowdfunding their project to the tune of $77,000, they’ve completed their fashionable designs in partnership with menswear fashion house Casely-Hayford to make a line of tech belts that is totally fashionable. The belt will fully charge your iPhone 6 with some energy to spare.


It’s designed for men, but we think there’s potential for ladies to rock it with the right pair of pants. Still, we’d love to see more come to the world of women’s charging wearables. Until then, we’ll just be using our charging purses and crossing our fingers for better battery life.

You can pre-order the XOO charging belt for prices starting at $130. They expect to start shipping in July.

Would you like to wear your charger? What’s the best accessory to get your charge on? Let us know what you think in the comments!